Steel is an alloy of iron and a small amount of carbon. Carbon is the primary alloying element, and its content in the steel is between 0.002% and 2.1% by weight. Additional elements may also present in steel: manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and traces of oxygen, nitrogen and aluminium.

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  1. An artificial metal produced from iron, harder and more elastic than elemental iron; used figuratively as a symbol of hardness
  2. Any item made of this metal, particularly including:
    1. Bladed or pointed weapons, as swords, javelins, daggers
      1. A piece used for striking sparks from flint.
  1. Armor
    1. A honing steel, a tool used to sharpen or hone metal blades
  2. Pieces used to strengthen, support, or expand an item of clothing
  3. A flat iron
  1. A sewing needle; a knitting needle; a sharp metal stylus
  2. An engraving plate
    1. Projectiles
  3. A fringe of beads or decoration of this metal
  4. A type of slide used while playing the steel guitar.
  1. The part made from this metal, in reference to anything
  2. Medicinal consumption of this metal; chalybeate medicine; (eventually) any iron or iron-treated water consumed as a medical treatment
  3. Varieties of this metal
  4. The gray hue of this metal; steel-gray


  1. To edge, cover, or point with steel
  2. To harden or strengthen; to nerve or make obdurate; to fortify against
  3. To back with steel
  4. To treat a liquid with steel for medicinal purposes
  5. To press with a flat iron
  6. To cause to resemble steel in appearance
  7. To steelify; to turn iron into steel
  8. To electroplate an item, particularly an engraving plate, with a layer of iron
  9. To sharpen with a steel


  1. Made of steel
  2. Similar to steel in color, strength, &c.; steely
  3. Of or belonging to the manufacture or trade in steel
  4. Containing steel
  5. Engraved on steel

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: steel
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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