Head is a 1968 psychedelic adventure comedy film musical starring television rock group The Monkees, and distributed by Columbia Pictures. It was written and produced by Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson, and directed by Rafelson.

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  1. The part of the body of an animal or human which contains the brain, mouth and main sense organs.
  2. Mental or emotional aptitude or skill.
  3. Mind; one's own thoughts.
  4. The topmost, foremost, or leading part.
  5. The end of a rectangular table furthest from the entrance; traditionally considered a seat of honor.
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    Who heads the board of trustees?
    to head an army, an expedition, or a riot
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    We are going to head up North for our holiday. We will head off tomorrow. Next holiday we will head out West, or head to Chicago. Right now I need to head into town to do some shopping.
    I'm fed up working for a boss. I'm going to head out on my own, set up my own business.
    How does the ship head?
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    The salmon are first headed and then scaled.
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    This kind of cabbage heads early.
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    to head trees
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    to head a drove of cattle; to head a person; the wind heads a ship
  11. To set on the head.
    to head a cask


  1. Of, relating to, or intended for the head.
  2. Foremost in rank or importance.
  3. Placed at the top or the front.
  4. Coming from in front.

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and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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