Stand! is the fourth studio album by soul/funk band Sly and the Family Stone, released May 3, 1969 on Epic Records. Written and produced by lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Sly Stone, Stand! was the band's breakout album. It went on to sell over three million copies and become one of the most successful albums of the 1960s. The album sold over 500,000 copies in the year of its release and was certified gold in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America on December 4, 1969. By 1986, it had sold well over 1 million copies and had been certified platinum in sales by the RIAA on November 26 of that same year. Stand! is ...

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"Stand" is a song by the American alternative rock band R.E.M., released as the second single from the album Green in 1989. The song quickly rose up the charts, peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming R.E.M.'s second top 10 hit in the United States. The song reached number 48 on the UK Singles Charts. The song reached number 16 in Canada.

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  1. The act of standing.
  2. A defensive position or effort.
  3. A resolute, unwavering position; firm opinion; action for a purpose in the face of opposition.
    They took a firm stand against copyright infringement.
  4. A period of performance in a given location or venue.
    They have a four-game stand at home against the Yankees.
    They spent the summer touring giving 4 one-night stands a week.
  5. A device to hold something upright or aloft.
    He set the music upon the stand and began to play.
    an umbrella stand; a hat-stand
  6. The platform on which a witness testifies in court; the witness stand or witness box.
    She took the stand and quietly answered questions.
  7. A particular grove or other group of trees or shrubs.
    This stand of pines is older than the one next to it.
  8. A contiguous group of trees sufficiently uniform in age-class distribution, composition, and structure, and growing on a site of sufficiently uniform quality, to be a distinguishable unit.
  9. A standstill, a motionless state, as of someone confused, or a hunting dog who has found game.
  10. A small building, booth, or stage, as in a bandstand or hamburger stand.
  11. A designated spot where someone or something may stand or wait.
    a taxi stand
  12. The situation of a shop, store, hotel, etc.
    a good, bad, or convenient stand for business
  13. grandstand
  14. A partnership.
  15. A single set, as of arms.
  16. Rank; post; station; standing.
  17. A state of perplexity or embarrassment.
    to be at a stand what to do
  18. A young tree, usually reserved when other trees are cut; also, a tree growing or standing upon its own root, in distinction from one produced from a scion set in a stock, either of the same or another kind of tree.
  19. A weight of from two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds, used in weighing pitch.


of a girl standing.]]
  1. To position or be positioned physically.
    1. To support oneself on the feet in an erect position.
      1. To rise to one’s feet; to stand up.
    2. To remain motionless.
      1. To be placed in an upright or vertical orientation.
      2. To place in an upright or standing position.
    3. To occupy or hold a place; to be situated or located.
    4. To measure when erect on the feet.
      1. To position or be positioned mentally.
    5. To be positioned to gain or lose.
    6. To tolerate.
      1. To maintain one's ground; to be acquitted; not to fail or yield; to be safe.
        1. To maintain an invincible or permanent attitude; to be fixed, steady, or firm; to take a position in resistance or opposition.
          1. To be in some particular state; to have essence or being; to be; to consist.
            1. To position or be positioned socially.
    7. To act as an umpire.
    8. To undergo; withstand; hold up.
      1. To seek election.
  1. To be valid.
  1. To oppose, usually as a team, in competition.
    1. To cover the expense of; to pay for.
  2. To have or maintain a position, order, or rank; to be in a particular relation.
  3. To be consistent; to agree; to accord.
    1. To appear in court.
  1. Of a ship or its captain, to steer, sail (in a specified direction, for a specified destination etc.).
  2. To remain without ruin or injury.

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