Fit or FIT may refer to:; Fitness Physical fitness, how well a person is suited for physical tasks, FitTV, cable television network about physical fitness, Wii Fit, Nintendo Wii video game about physical fitness, Fitness , how capable a being is at passing on its genes, Physical attractiveness, in British or Irish slang, usually with sexual connotations, generally used to describe an attractive man or woman, FIT magazine, about physical fitness, published by Bob Anderson

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  1. The degree to which something fits.
    This shirt is a bad fit.
    Since he put on weight, his jeans have been a tight fit.
  2. Conformity of elements one to another.
    It's hard to get a good fit using second-hand parts.
  3. how well a particular commercial execution captures the character or values of a brand.
    The Wonder Bread advertising research results showed the “White Picket Fence” commercial had strong fit ratings.
  4. goodness of fit.

Noun (etymology 2)

  1. A section of a poem or ballad.

Noun (etymology 3)

  1. A seizure or convulsion.
    My grandfather died after having a fit.
  2. A sudden and vigorous appearance of a symptom over a short period of time.
  3. A sudden outburst of emotion.
    He had a laughing fit which lasted more than ten minutes.
    She had a fit and had thrown all of his clothes out of the window.
    He threw a fit when his car broke down.
  4. A sudden burst (of an activity).


  1. To be suitable for.
    It fits the purpose.
  2. To conform to in size and shape.
    The small shirt doesn't fit me, so I'll buy the medium size.
    If I lose a few kilos, the gorgeous wedding dress might fit me.
  3. To be of the right size and shape, as of clothing.
    I wanted to borrow my little sister's jeans, but they didn't fit.
  4. To make conform in size and shape.
    I want to fit the drapes to the windows.
  1. To tailor; to change to the appropriate size.
    I had a suit fitted by the tailor.
  1. To be in agreement with.
    These definitions fit most of the usage.
  2. To adjust.
    The regression program fit a line to the data.
  3. To attach, especially when requiring exact positioning or sizing.
  4. To equip or supply.
    The chandler will fit us with provisions for a month.
  5. To make ready.
    I'm fitting the ship for a summer sail home.
  6. To be seemly.
  7. To be proper or becoming.
  8. To be in harmony.
    The paint, the fabrics, the rugs all fit.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To suffer a fit.


  1. Suitable, proper.
    You have nothing to say about it. I'll do exactly as I see fit.
  2. Adapted to a purpose or environment.
    survival of the fittest
  3. In good shape; physically well.
    You don't have to be a good climber for Kilimanjaro, but you do have to be fit.
  4. Good looking, fanciable, attractive, beautiful.
    I think the girl working in the office is fit.
  5. Prepared; ready.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: fit
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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