A split is a physical position in which the legs are in line with each other and extended in opposite directions. Splits are performed in various athletic activities, including dance, figure skating, gymnastics, martial arts, contortionism, synchronized swimming, cheerleading and yoga. A person who has assumed a split position is said to be "in a split" or "doing the splits".

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  1. A crack or longitudinal fissure.
  2. A breach or separation, as in a political party; a division.
  3. A piece that is split off, or made thin, by splitting; a splinter; a fragment.
  4. One of the sections of a skin made by dividing it into two or more thicknesses.
  5. The acrobatic feat of spreading the legs flat on the floor 180 degrees apart, either sideways to the body or with one leg in front and one behind.
  6. A split-finger fastball.
    He’s got a nasty split.
  7. A result of a first throw that leaves two or more pins standing with one or more pins between them knocked down.
  8. A dessert or confection resembling a banana split.
  9. A unit of measure used for champagne or other spirits: 18.75 centiliter or 1/4 quarter of a standard .75 liter bottle. Commercially comparable to 1/20th gallon, which is 1/2 of a fifth.
  10. A bottle of wine containing 0.375 liters, 1/2 the volume of a standard .75 liter bottle; a demi.
  11. The elapsed time at specific intermediate point(s) in a race.
    In the 3000m race, his 800m split was 1:45.32
  12. A tear resulting from tensile stresses.
  13. A division of a stake happening when two cards of the kind on which the stake is laid are dealt in the same turn.
  14. A recording containing songs by multiple artists.


  1. Of something solid, to divide fully or partly along a more or less straight line.
  2. To share; to divide.
  3. To leave.
  4. to separate or break up.


  1. See split .
    Republicans appear split on the centerpiece of Mr. Obama's economic recovery plan.
  2. Having the middle group equal to the direct product of the others.
  3. Comprising half decaffeinated and half caffeinated espresso.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: split
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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