Return is a 2011 independent film about an American reservist, wife and mother returning home from her tour of duty in the Middle East. The film was written and directed by Liza Johnson, and stars Linda Cardellini, Michael Shannon and John Slattery. It is Johnson's first feature length film, and received good reviews at its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival Director's Fortnight.

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  1. The act of returning.
  2. A return ticket.
  3. An item that is returned, e.g. due to a defect.
  4. Gain or loss from an investment.
  5. : A report of income submitted to a government for purposes of specifying exact tax payment amounts. A tax return.
  6. A carriage return character.
  7. The act of relinquishing control to the calling procedure.
  8. A return value: the data passed back from a called procedure.
  9. A short perpendicular extension of a desk, usually slightly lower.
  10. Catching a ball after a punt and running it back towards the opposing team.
  11. A throw from a fielder to the wicket-keeper or to another fielder at the wicket.


  1. To come or go back (to a place or person).
  2. To go back in thought, narration, or argument.
  3. To turn back, retreat.
  4. To turn (something) round.
  5. To put something back where it had been.
  6. To give something back to its original holder or owner.
  7. To take something back to a retailer for a refund.
  8. To give in requital or recompense; to requite.
  9. To bat the ball back over the net in response to a serve.
  10. To play a card as a result of another player's lead.
  11. To throw a ball back to the wicket-keeper (or a fielder at that position) from somewhere in the field.
  12. To say in reply; to respond.
    to return an answer; to return thanks
  13. To relinquish control to the calling procedure.
  14. To pass (data) back to the calling procedure.
  15. To retort; to throw back.
    to return the lie
  16. To report, or bring back and make known.
    to return the result of an election
  17. To elect according to the official report of the election officers.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: return
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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