1. A substance similar to stucco but exclusively applied to masonry walls.
  2. An image produced by rendering a model.
    A low-resolution render might look blocky.
  3. A surrender.
  4. A return; a payment of rent.
  5. An account given; a statement.

Noun (etymology 2)

  1. One who rends.


  1. To cause to become.
  2. To interpret, give an interpretation or rendition of.
  3. To translate into another language.
    to render Latin into English
  4. To pass down.
  5. To make over as a return.
  6. To give; to give back.
    to render an account of what really happened
  7. To give up; to yield; to surrender.
  8. To transform (a model) into a display on the screen or other media.
  9. To capture and turn over to another country secretly.
  10. To convert waste animal tissue into a usable byproduct.
  11. For fat to drip off meat from cooking.
  12. To cover a wall with a film of cement or plaster.
  13. To pass; to run; said of the passage of a rope through a block, eyelet, etc.
  14. To yield or give way.
  15. To return; to pay back; to restore.
  16. To inflict, as a retribution; to requite.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: render
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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