The Flash is a name of a fictional comic book superhero from the DC Comics universe. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 .

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  1. A sudden, short, temporary burst of light.
  2. A sudden and brilliant burst, as of wit or genius.
  3. A language, created by a minority to maintain cultural identity, that cannot be understood by the ruling class; for example, Ebonics.
  4. A very short amount of time.
  5. Material left around the edge of a moulded part at the parting line of the mould.
  6. The strips of bright cloth or buttons worn around the collars of market traders.
  7. A flashlight or electric torch.
  8. A pattern where each prop is thrown and caught only once.
  9. A preparation of capsicum, burnt sugar, etc., for colouring liquor to make it look stronger.


  1. To briefly illuminate a scene.
  2. To blink; to shine or illuminate intermittently.
  3. To be visible briefly.
  4. To make visible briefly.
  5. To break forth like a sudden flood of light; to show a momentary brilliance.
  6. To flaunt; to display in a showy manner.
  7. To communicate quickly.
    to flash a message along the telephone wires
    to flash conviction on the mind
  8. To write to the memory of an updatable component such as a BIOS chip or games cartridge.
  9. To expose one's naked body or underwear, or part of it, in public briefly.
  10. To release the pressure from a pressurized vessel.
  11. To perform a flash.
  12. To move, or cause to move, suddenly
  13. To cover with a thin layer, as objects of glass with glass of a different colour.
  14. To trick up in a showy manner.
  15. To strike and throw up large bodies of water from the surface; to splash.
  16. To telephone a person, only allowing the phone to ring once, in order to request a call back.
    ''Susan flashed Jessica, and then Jessica called her back, because Susan didn't have enough credit on her phone to make the call.
  17. To evaporate suddenly. See .


  1. Expensive-looking and demanding attention; stylish; showy.
  2. Having plenty of ready money.
  3. Liable to show off expensive possessions or money.
  4. Occurring very rapidly, almost instantaneously.

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and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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