In heraldry, a charge is any emblem or device occupying the field of an escutcheon . This may be a geometric design or a symbolic representation of a person, animal, plant, object or other device. In French blazon, the ordinaries are called pi├Ęces while other charges are called meubles . The division of charges into "ordinaries", "sub-ordinaries" and other categories is a relatively modern practice that has been deprecated, and these terms much pejorated, in the writings of Fox-Davies and other heraldry authors. The particular significance or meaning of a charge may be indicated in the blazon, but this practice is ...

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Charge!! is the fourth studio album by American rock band The Aquabats, released on June 7, 2005 by Nitro Records.

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  1. The scope of someone's responsibility.
    The child was in the nanny's charge.
  2. Someone or something entrusted to one's care, such as a child to a babysitter or a student to a teacher.
    The child was a charge of the nanny.
  3. A load or burden; cargo.
    The ship had a charge of colonists and their belongings.
  4. The amount of money levied for a service.
    A charge of 5 dollars.
  5. An instruction.
    I gave him the charge to get the deal closed by the end of the month.
  6. A ground attack against a prepared enemy.
    Pickett died leading his famous charge.
  7. An accusation.
    That's a slanderous charge of abuse of trust.
  8. An electric charge.
  9. An offensive foul in which the player with the ball moves into a stationary defender.
  10. A measured amount of powder and/or shot in a firearm cartridge.
  11. An image displayed on an escutcheon.
  12. A forceful forward movement.


  1. To place a burden upon; to assign a duty or responsibility to.
    1. To formally accuse of a crime.
      I'm charging you with grand theft auto.
    2. To require payment (for goods, services, etc.) of.
      to charge high for goods
      Will I get charged for this service?
    3. To assign (a debit) to an account.
      Let's charge this to marketing.
    4. To pay on account, by using a credit card.
      Can I charge my Amazon purchase to Paypal?
      Can I charge this purchase?
    5. To impute or ascribe.
      1. To call to account; to challenge.
      2. To ornament with or cause to bear.
to charge an architectural member with a moulding
  1. To assume as a bearing.
    He charges three roses.
  2. To add to or represent on.
    He charges his shield with three roses or.
  1. To load equipment with material required for its use, as a firearm with powder, a fire hose with water, a chemical reactor with raw materials.
    Charge your weapons; we're moving up.
  1. To cause to take on an electric charge.
    Rubbing amber with wool will charge it quickly.
  2. To add energy to (a battery).
    He charged the battery overnight.
  3. To add energy to a battery within.
    Don't forget to charge the drill.
  4. To gain energy.
    The battery is still charging: I can't use it yet.
  5. To have a battery within gain energy.
    His cell phone charges very quickly, whereas mine takes forever.
  1. To move forward quickly and forcefully, particularly in combat and/or on horseback.
    1. To attack by moving forward quickly in a group.
      The impetuous corps charged the enemy lines.
    2. To commit a charging foul.
    3. To take a few steps down the pitch towards the bowler as he delivers the ball, either to disrupt the length of the delivery, or to get into a better position to hit the ball.
  2. To squat on the belly and be still; a command given by a hunter to a dog.

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