A bullet is a projectile propelled by a firearm, sling, or air gun. Bullets do not normally contain explosives, but damage the intended target by impact and penetration. The word "bullet" is sometimes colloquially used to refer to ammunition in general, or to a cartridge, which is a combination of the bullet, case/shell, powder, and primer. This use of 'bullet', when 'cartridge' is intended, leads to confusion when the components of a cartridge are discussed or intended. See the reference section for more detail.

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  1. A projectile, usually of metal, shot from a gun at high speed.
  2. Ammunition for a sling or slingshot which has been manufactured for such use.
  3. A printed symbol in the form of a solid circle, (), often used for marking items in a list. (see also bulleted)
  4. An entire round of unfired ammunition for a firearm, including the projectile, the cartridge casing, the propellant charge, etc.
  5. A large scheduled repayment of the principal of a loan; a balloon payment.
  6. A rejection letter, as for employment, admission to a school or a competition.
    John's not going to any of his top schools; he got a bullet from the last of them yesterday.
  7. One year of prison time
  8. An ace (the playing card).
  9. Anything that is projected extremely fast.
  10. Very fast .
    bullet train
    bullet chess
  11. A small ball.
  12. A cannonball.
  13. The fetlock of a horse.


  1. To draw attention to (text) by, or as if by, placing a graphic bullet in front of it.
  2. To speed, like a bullet.
    Their debut started slow, but bulleted to number six in its fourth week.
  3. To make a shot, especially with great speed.
    He bulleted a header for his first score of the season.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: bullet
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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