Sunshine is a 2007 British science fiction adventure thriller film directed by Danny Boyle. The film was adapted from a screenplay written by Alex Garland about the crew of a spacecraft on a dangerous mission to the Sun. In 2057, with the Earth in peril from the dying Sun, the crew is sent on a mission to reignite the star with a nuclear bomb with the mass of Manhattan. The script was based on a scientific back-story that took the characters on a psychological journey. The director cast a group of international actors for the film, and had the actors live together and learn about topics related to their roles, as a form of method acting. To have the ...

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  1. The direct rays, light or warmth of the sun.
    We were warmed by the bright sunshine.
  2. A location on which the sun's rays fall.<ref name="Webster's c 2001"/>
    We moved out of the shade and into the sunshine.
  3. geniality or cheerfulness.<ref name="Webster's c 2001"/>
    I enjoyed the sunshine of her smile.
  4. A source of cheerfulness or joy.<ref name="Webster's c 2001"/>
  5. The effect which the sun has when it lights and warms some place.<ref name="Webster's c 2001"/>
    Alright sunshine, safe to cross now.
    OK, sunshine, listen up and listen good. There's five vandalised telephone boxes out there and I know you're responsible.
  6. Used to address someone who has just woken up and/or is very sleepy.
    Good morning, sunshine!



  1. Open to and permitting public access, especially with regard to activities that were previously closed-door or back-room meetings.
    Because of the sunshine law, we could go to the planning meeting.

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