Recover is a hard rock band from Austin, Texas. Recover comprised Dan Keyes, Robert Mann, Ross Tweedy, and Santiago "Jimmy" Vela III . The four first started playing together while in junior high school, under different names, but didn't officially form Recover until 2000. The band recorded a four-song demo in the spring of 2000. The demo found its way to Fueled by Ramen via the band's friends in fellow Austin band The Impossibles. The band would eventually sign with the label and release their debut album, Rodeo & Picasso, in the summer of 2001.

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  1. Recovery.
  2. A position of holding a firearm during exercises, whereby the lock is at shoulder height and the sling facing out.


  1. To get back, regain (a physical thing lost etc.).
  2. To return to, resume (a given state of mind or body).
  3. To reach (a place), arrive at.
  4. To restore to good health, consciousness, life etc.
  5. To make good by reparation; to make up for; to retrieve; to repair the loss or injury of.
    to recover lost time
  6. To get better from; to get over.
  7. To get better, regain one's health.
  8. To regain one's composure, balance etc.
  9. To obtain a judgement; to succeed in a lawsuit.
    The plaintiff has recovered in his suit.
  10. To gain as compensation or reparation.
    to recover damages in trespass; to recover debt and costs in a suit at law
    to recover lands in ejectment or common recovery
  11. To gain by legal process.
    to recover judgement against a defendant

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To cover again.
  2. To add a new roof membrane or steep-slope covering over an existing one.

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and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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