Random is a fictional character and antihero created by writer Peter David for the Marvel Comics series X-Factor. He started out as a thorn in the side of X-Factor, but he later became a reluctant ally of theirs. The mystery of his life has yet to be completely revealed.

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  1. A roving motion; course without definite direction; lack of rule or method; chance.
  2. Speed, full speed; impetuosity, force.
  3. The full range of a bullet or other projectile; hence, the angle at which a weapon is tilted to allow the greatest range.
  4. An undefined, unknown or unimportant person; a person of no consequence.
    The party was boring. It was full of randoms.
  5. The direction of a rake-vein.


  1. Having unpredictable outcomes and, in the ideal case, all outcomes equally probable; resulting from such selection; lacking statistical correlation.
    The flip of a fair coin is purely random.
    The newspaper conducted a random sample of five hundred American teenagers.
    The results of the field survey look random by several different measures.
  2. Of or relating to probability distribution.
    A toss of loaded dice is still random, though biased.
  3. Pseudorandom in contrast to truly random; mimicking the result of random selection.
    The rand function generates a random number from a seed.
  4. Representative and undistinguished; typical and average; selected for no particular reason.
    A random American off the street couldn't tell the difference.
  5. Apropos of nothing; lacking context; unexpected; having apparent lack of plan, cause or reason.
    That was a completely random comment.
    The teacher's bartending story was interesting, but random.
    The narrative takes a random course.
  6. Characterized by or often saying random things; habitually using non sequiturs.
    You're so random!

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: random
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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