1. A horizontal metal grille through which water, ash, or small objects can fall, while larger objects cannot.
    The grate stopped the sheep from escaping from their field.
  2. A frame or bed, or kind of basket, of iron bars, for holding fuel while burning.


  1. To furnish with grates; to protect with a grating or crossbars.
    to grate a window

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To shred things, usually foodstuffs, by rubbing across a grater.
  2. To rub against, making a (usually unpleasant) squeaking sound.
  3. To grate on one’s nerves; to irritate or annoy.
  4. To annoy.


  1. Serving to gratify; agreeable.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: grate
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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