A file is a metalworking, woodworking and plastic working tool used to cut fine amounts of material from a workpiece. It most commonly refers to the hand tool style, which takes the form of a steel bar with a case hardened surface and a series of sharp, parallel teeth. Most files have a narrow, pointed tang at one end to which a handle can be fitted.

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  1. A collection of papers collated and archived together.
  2. A roll or list.
  3. Course of thought; thread of narration.
  4. An aggregation of data on a storage device, identified by a name.
    I'm going to delete these unwanted files to free up some disk space.

Noun (etymology 2)

  1. A column of people one behind another, whether "single file" or in a large group with many files side by side.
    The troops marched in Indian file.
  2. one of the eight vertical lines of squares on a chessboard (i.e., those which run from number to number). The analog horizontal lines are the ranks.

Noun (etymology 3)

  1. A hand tool consisting of a handle to which a block of coarse metal is attached, and used for removing sharp edges or for cutting, especially through metal.
  2. A cunning or resourceful person.


  1. To commit official papers to some office
  2. To place in an archive in a logical place and order
  3. To store a file on a storage medium such as a disc or another computer.
  4. To make a formal request for the benefit of an official status.
    She filed for divorce the next day.
    The company filed for bankruptcy when the office opened on Monday.
    ''They filed for a refund under their warranty.
  5. To set in order; to arrange, or lay away.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To move in a file.
    The applicants kept filing into the room until it was full.

Verb (etymology 3)

  1. to smooth, grind, or cut with a file
    I'd better file the bottoms of the table legs. Otherwise they will scratch the flooring.

Verb (etymology 4)

  1. to defile
  2. to corrupt

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: file
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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