"Fall", written by Clay Mills, Sonny LeMaire, and Shane Minor, is the title of a song which has been recorded by both country music singer Clay Walker and pop music singer Kimberley Locke, both of whom are signed to Curb Records. Both versions were released within weeks of each other in mid-2007; while Walker's version was released to country radio, Locke's was released to the adult contemporary format. Walker's reached number 5 on the U.S. country singles charts, and Locke's reached Number One on the U.S. Dance charts. Go West front man Peter Cox has recorded a version of "Fall" on his 2010 CD "The S1 Sessions".

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  1. The act of moving to a lower position under the effect of gravity.
  2. A reduction in quantity, pitch, etc.
  3. The time of the year when the leaves typically fall from the trees; autumn; the season of the year between the autumnal equinox in late September to the winter solstice in late December.
  4. A loss of greatness or status.
    the fall of Rome
  5. The action of a batsman being out.
  6. A defect in the ice which causes stones thrown into an area to drift in a given direction
  7. An instance of a wrestler being pinned to the mat.
  8. Blame or punishment for a failure or misdeed.
    He set up his rival to take the fall.
  9. The part of the rope of a tackle to which the power is applied in hoisting.
  10. See falls
  11. An old Scots unit of measure equal to six ells.


  1. To move downwards.
    1. To move to a lower position under the effect of gravity.
    2. To come down, to drop or descend.
      1. To come to the ground deliberately, to prostrate oneself.
    3. To be brought to the ground.
  2. To be moved downwards.
    1. To let fall; to drop.
      1. To sink; to depress.
    2. To fell; to cut down.
  3. To happen, to change negatively.
    1. To become.
    2. To occur (on a certain day of the week, date, or similar); .
    3. To collapse; to be overthrown or defeated.
    4. To die, especially in battle or by disease.
    5. To become lower (in quantity, pitch, etc).
      1. To become; to be affected by or befallen with a calamity; to change into the state described by words following; to become prostrated literally or figuratively .
  4. To be allotted to; to arrive through chance, fate, or inheritance.
    The estate fell to his brother; the kingdom fell into the hands of his rivals.
  5. To diminish; to lessen or lower.
  6. To bring forth.
  7. To issue forth into life; to be brought forth; said of the young of certain animals.
  8. To descend in character or reputation; to become degraded; to sink into vice, error, or sin.
  9. To become ensnared or entrapped; to be worse off than before.
    to fall into error; to fall into difficulties
  10. To assume a look of shame or disappointment; to become or appear dejected; said of the face.
  11. To happen; to come to pass; to chance or light (upon).
  12. To begin with haste, ardour, or vehemence; to rush or hurry.
    After arguing, they fell to blows.
  13. To be dropped or uttered carelessly.
    An unguarded expression fell from his lips.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: fall
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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