In the tactics and strategy in the board game of chess, an exchange or trade of chess pieces is series of closely related moves, typically sequential, in which the two players capture each other's pieces. Any types of pieces except the kings may possibly be exchanged, i.e. captured in an exchange, although a king can capture an opponent's piece. Either the player of the white or the black pieces may make the first capture of the other player's piece in an exchange, followed by the other player capturing a piece of the first player, often referred to as a recapture. Commonly, the word "exchange" is used when the pieces ...

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  1. An act of exchanging or trading.
    All in all, it was an even exchange.
    an exchange of cattle for grain
  2. A place for conducting trading.
    The stock exchange is open for trading.
  3. A telephone exchange.
  4. (telephony, US only?) The fourth through sixth digits of a ten-digit phone number (the first three before the introduction of area codes).
    The 555 exchange is reserved for use by the phone company, which is why it's often used in films.
    NPA-NXX-1234 is standard format, where NPA is the area code and NXX is the exchange.
  5. A conversation.
    After an exchange with the manager, we were no wiser.
  6. The loss of one piece and associated capture of another
    1. The loss of a relatively minor piece (typically a bishop or knight) and associated capture of the more advantageous rook
  7. The thing given or received in return; especially, a publication exchanged for another.


  1. To trade or barter.
    I'll gladly exchange my place for yours.
  2. To replace with, as a substitute.
    I'd like to exchange this shirt for one in a larger size.
    Since his arrest, the mob boss has exchanged a mansion for a jail cell.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: exchange
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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