Discharge are a British hardcore punk band formed in 1977 by Terence "Tezz" Roberts and Royston "Rainy" Wainwright. They are often considered among one of the very first bands to play hardcore punk. While the band had substantial lineup changes over its history, the classic lineup from the early 1980s featured bassist Wainwright, drummer Roberts, his brother Anthony "Bones" Roberts playing guitar, and vocalist Kelvin "Cal" Morris.

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  1. (uncountable) pus or exudate (other than blood) from a wound or orifice, usually due to infection or pathology
  2. the act of accomplishing (an obligation); performance
  3. the act of expelling or letting go
  4. the act of releasing an accumulated charge
  5. the act of releasing an inpatient from hospital
  6. the act of releasing a member of the armed forces from service
  7. the volume of water transported by a river in a certain amount of time, usually in units of m3/s (cubic meters per second)


  1. To accomplish or complete, as an obligation.
  2. To free of a debt, claim, obligation, responsibility, accusation, etc.; to absolve; to acquit; to clear.
  3. To send away (a creditor) satisfied by payment; to pay one's debt or obligation to.
  4. To set aside; to annul; to dismiss.
  5. To expel or let go.
  6. To let fly, as a missile; to shoot.
  7. To release (an accumulated charge).
  8. To relieve of an office or employment; to send away from service; to dismiss.
    1. To release (an inpatient) from hospital.
    2. To release (a member of the armed forces) from service.
  9. To release legally from confinement; to set at liberty.
    to discharge a prisoner
  10. To operate (any weapon that fires a projectile, such as a shotgun or sling).
  11. To release (an auxiliary assumption) from the list of assumptions used in arguments, and return to the main argument.
  12. To unload a ship or another means of transport.
  13. To put forth, or remove, as a charge or burden; to take out, as that with which anything is loaded or filled.
    to discharge a cargo
  14. To give forth; to emit or send out.
    A pipe discharges water.
  15. To let fly; to give expression to; to utter.
    He discharged a horrible oath.
  16. To prohibit; to forbid.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: discharge
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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