In heraldry, a bend is a band running from the upper dexter corner of the shield to the lower sinister . Authorities differ as to how much of the field it should cover, ranging from one-fifth up to one-third . The supposed rule that a bend may occupy one-third of the field appears to exclude the possibility of a blazon of two or three bends shown together, but contrary examples exist.

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  1. A curve.
  2. Any of the various knots which join the ends of two lines.
  3. A severe condition caused by excessively quick decompression, causing bubbles of nitrogen to form in the blood; decompression sickness.
  4. One of the honourable ordinaries formed by two diagonal lines drawn from the dexter chief to the sinister base; it generally occupies a fifth part of the shield if uncharged, but if charged one third.
  5. Turn; purpose; inclination; ends.
  6. In the leather trade, the best quality of sole leather; a butt.
  7. Hard, indurated clay; bind.
  8. The thickest and strongest planks in a ship's sides, more generally called wales, which have the beams, knees, and futtocks bolted to them.
  9. The frames or ribs that form the ship's body from the keel to the top of the sides.
    the midship bends


  1. To cause (something) to change its shape into a curve, by physical force, chemical action, or any other means.
    If you bend the pipe too far, it will break.
    Don’t bend your knees.
  2. To become curved.
    Look at the trees bending in the wind.
  3. To cause to change direction.
  4. To change direction.
    The road bends to the right
  5. To be inclined; to direct itself.
  6. To stoop.
    He bent down to pick up the pieces.
  7. To bow in prayer, or in token of submission.
  8. To force to submit.
    They bent me to their will.
  9. To submit.
    I am bending to my desire to eat junk food.
  10. To apply to a task or purpose.
    He bent the company's resources to gaining market share.
  11. To apply oneself to a task or purpose.
    He bent to the goal of gaining market share.
  12. To adapt or interpret to for a purpose or beneficiary.
  13. To tie, as in securing a line to a cleat; to shackle a chain to an anchor; make fast.
    Bend the sail to the yard.
  14. To smoothly change the pitch of a note.
    You should bend the G slightly sharp in the next measure.
  15. To swing the body when rowing.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: bend
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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