In human anatomy, the arm is the upper limb of the body, comprising regions between the shoulder and the elbow joints, and out to the fingers. It can be divided into the upper arm brachium, the forearm antebrachium, and the hand manus. Anatomically the shoulder girdle with bones and corresponding muscles is per definition a part of the arm. The latin term brachium may refer to both the arm as a whole or to the upper arm on its own.

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  1. The portion of the upper human appendage, from the shoulder to the wrist and sometimes including the hand.
  2. The extended portion of the upper limb, from the shoulder to the elbow.
  3. A limb, or locomotive or prehensile organ, of an invertebrate animal.
    the arms of an octopus
  4. A long, narrow, more or less rigid part of an object extending from the main part or centre of the object, such as the arm of an armchair, a crane, a pair of spectacles or a pair of compasses.
  5. A bay or inlet off a main body of water.
  6. A branch of an organization.
  7. Power; might; strength; support.
    the arm of the law
    the secular arm

Noun (etymology 2)

  1. A weapon.
  2. heraldic bearings or insignia


  1. To take by the arm; to take up in one's arms.
  2. To supply with arms or limbs.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To supply with armour or (later especially) weapons.
  2. To prepare a tool or a weapon for action; to activate.
    Remember to arm an alarm system.
  3. To cover or furnish with a plate, or with whatever will add strength, force, security, or efficiency.
    to arm the hit of a sword; to arm a hook in angling
  4. To furnish with means of defence; to prepare for resistance; to fortify, in a moral sense.


  1. Poor; lacking in riches or wealth.
  2. To be pitied; pitiful; wretched.

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