In writing, a space is a blank area devoid of content, serving to separate words, letters, numbers, and punctuation. Conventions for interword and intersentence spaces vary among languages, and in some cases the spacing rules are quite complex.

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The term SPACE can refer to: SPACE, a Canadian science-fiction channel, DSPACE, a term in computational complexity theory, Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, an annual comic book convention, Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment, located in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, Spectroscopic All Sky Cosmic Explorer, a proposed satellite designed to measure the baryon acoustic oscillations,

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  1. Of time.
    1. Free time; leisure, opportunity.
      1. A specific (specified) period of time.
        1. An undefined period of time (without qualifier, especially a short period); a while.
  1. Unlimited or generalized physical extent.
  1. Distance between things.
    1. Physical extent across two or three dimensions; area, volume (sometimes or to do something).
    2. Physical extent in all directions, seen as an attribute of the universe (now usually considered as a part of space-time), or a mathematical model of this.
      1. The near-vacuum in which planets, stars and other celestial objects are situated; the universe beyond the earth's atmosphere.
    3. The physical and psychological area one needs within which to live or operate; personal freedom.
  1. A bounded or specific physical extent.
  1. A (chiefly empty) area or volume with set limits or boundaries.
    1. A position on the staff or stave bounded by lines.
    2. A gap in text between words, lines etc., or a digital character used to create such a gap.
    3. A piece of metal type used to separate words, cast lower than other type so as not to take ink, especially one that is narrower than one en (compare quad).
      1. A gap; an empty place.
    4. A generalized construct or set, the members of which have certain properties in common; often used in combination with the name of a particular mathematician.
Functional analysis is best approached through a sound knowledge of Hilbert space theory.
  1. A set of points, each of which is uniquely specified by a number (the dimensionality) of coordinates.
  2. A marketplace for goods or services.
    innovation in the browser space


  1. To roam, walk, wander.
  2. To set some distance apart.
    Faye had spaced the pots at 8-inch intervals on the windowsill.
    The cities are evenly spaced.
  3. To insert or utilise spaces in a written text.
    This paragraph seems badly spaced.
  4. To eject into outer space, usually without a space suit.
    The captain spaced the traitors.

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