1. That which smothers or appears to smother, in any sense.
  2. The state of being stifled; suppression.
  3. The act of smothering a kick (see above).


  1. To suffocate; stifle; obstruct, more or less completely, the respiration of.
  2. To extinguish or deaden, as fire, by covering, overlaying, or otherwise excluding the air: as, to smother a fire with ashes.
  3. To reduce to a low degree of vigor or activity; suppress or do away with; extinguish; stifle; cover up; conceal; hide: as, the committee's report was smothered.
  4. In cookery: to cook in a close dish: as, beefsteak smothered with onions.
  5. To daub or smear.
  6. To be suffocated.
  7. To breathe with great difficulty by reason of smoke, dust, close covering or wrapping, or the like.
  8. Of a fire: to burn very slowly for want of air; smolder.
  9. Figuratively: to perish, grow feeble, or decline, by suppression or concealment; be stifled; be suppressed or concealed.
  10. To get in the way of a kick of the ball
  11. To get in the way of a kick of the ball, preventing it going very far. When a player is kicking the ball, an opponent who is close enough will reach out with his hands and arms to get over the top of it, so the ball hits his hands after leaving the kicker's boot, dribbling away.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: smother
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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