1. Cream; also, the creamlike froth on ale or other liquor; froth or foam in general.

Noun (etymology 2)

  1. A bundle, package, or quantity of paper, nowadays usually containing 500 sheets.
  2. An abstract large amount of something.
    I can't go - I still have reams of work left.


  1. To cream; mantle; foam; froth.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. To enlarge a hole, especially using a reamer; to bore a hole wider.
  2. To shape or form, especially using a reamer.
  3. To remove (material) by reaming.
  4. To remove burrs and debris from a freshly bored hole.
  5. To yell at or berate.
  6. To sexually penetrate in a rough and painful way, by analogy with definition 1.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: ream
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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