The guard is a ground grappling position where one combatant has their back to the ground, while attempting to control the other combatant using the legs. In pure grappling combat sports, the guard is considered an advantageous position, because the bottom combatant can attack with various joint locks and chokeholds, while the top combatant's priority is to transition into a more dominant position, a process known as passing the guard. In mixed martial arts competition or hand-to-hand combat in general, it is possible to effectively strike from the top in the guard, even though the bottom combatant exerts some control. There are various types of ...

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  1. A person who, or thing that, protects or watches over something.
  2. A squad responsible for protecting something.
  3. A part of a machine which blocks access to dangerous parts.
  4. A panel of a car that encloses the wheel area, especially the front wheels.
  5. A relatively short player, playing farther from the basket than a forward or center.
  6. The position on the popping crease where a batsman makes a mark to align himself with the wicket; see take guard.
  7. Either of two offensive positions between the center and each of the offensive tackles, whose main responsibilities are to protect the quarterback, and open up "holes" through which offensive players can run.
  8. A player playing a position named guard.
  9. An employee, normally travelling in the last vehicle of a train, responsible for the safety of the train.
  10. A Boolean expression that must evaluate to true for a branch of program execution to continue.


  1. To protect from danger; to secure against surprise, attack, or injury; to keep in safety; to defend.
  2. To keep watch over, in order to prevent escape or restrain from acts of violence, or the like.
    Guard the prisoner.
  3. To watch by way of caution or defense; to be caution; to be in a state or position of defense or safety.
    Careful people guard against mistakes.
  4. To protect the edge of, especially with an ornamental border; hence, to face or ornament with lists, laces, etc.
  5. To fasten by binding; to gird.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: guard
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