Forge is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. A mutant with an unsurpassed brilliance in technology, Forge has had a lengthy career as a government weapons contractor. He shared a romantic relationship with Storm, and a brief affair with Mystique which led him to associate with the X-Men, beefing-up the technology at the X-Mansion. He was also a member of the Pentagon-funded mutant group X-Factor.

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  1. Furnace or hearth where metals are heated prior to hammering them into shape.
  2. Workshop in which metals are shaped by heating and hammering them.
  3. The act of beating or working iron or steel.


  1. To shape a metal by heating and hammering.
  2. To form or create with concerted effort.
    The politician's recent actions are an effort to forge a relationship with undecided voters.
  3. To create a forgery of; to make a counterfeit item of; to copy or imitate unlawfully.
    He had to forge his ex-wife's signature.
    ''The jury learned the documents had been forged.
  4. To make falsely; to produce, as that which is untrue or not genuine; to fabricate.

Verb (etymology 2)

  1. (often as forge ahead) To move forward heavily and slowly (originally as a ship); to advance gradually but steadily; to proceed towards a goal in the face of resistance or difficulty.
    The party of explorers forged through the thick underbrush.
    We decided to forge ahead with our plans even though our biggest underwriter backed out.
  2. (sometimes as forge ahead) To advance, move or act with an abrupt increase in speed or energy.
    With seconds left in the race, the runner forged into first place.

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