In Eastern Orthodoxy, an entrance is a procession during which the clergy enter into the sanctuary through the Holy Doors. The origin of these entrances goes back to the early church, when the liturgical books and sacred vessels were kept in special storage rooms for safe keeping and the procession was necessary to bring these objects into the church when needed. Over the centuries, these processions have grown more elaborate, and nowadays are accompanied by incense, candles and liturgical fans. In the liturgical theology of the Orthodox Church, the angels are believed to enter with the clergy into the sanctuary, as evidenced by the prayers which accompany the ...

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  1. The action of entering, or going in.
    Her entrance attracted no attention whatsoever.
  2. The act of taking possession, as of property, or of office.
    the entrance of an heir upon his inheritance, or of a magistrate into office
  3. The place of entering, as a gate or doorway.
    Place your bag by the entrance so that you can find it easily.
  4. The right to go in.
    You'll need a ticket to gain entrance to the museum.
    to give entrance to friends
  5. The entering upon; the beginning, or that with which the beginning is made; the commencement; initiation.
    a difficult entrance into business
  6. The causing to be entered upon a register, as a ship or goods, at a customhouse; an entering.
    His entrance of the arrival was made the same day.
  7. The angle which the bow of a vessel makes with the water at the water line.
  8. The bow, or entire wedgelike forepart of a vessel, below the water line.


  1. To delight and fill with wonder.
    The children were immediately entranced by all the balloons.
  2. To put into a trance.

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