Control is the third studio album by American recording artist Janet Jackson, released on February 4, 1986 by A&M Records. Her collaborations with songwriters and record producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis resulted in an unconventional sound: a fusion of rhythm and blues, funk, disco, rap vocals, and synthesized percussion that established Jackson, Jam and Lewis as the leading innovators of contemporary R&B. It enabled Jackson to transition into the popular music market, becoming one of the defining albums of the 1980s and contemporary music.

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  1. Influence or authority over.
  2. A separate group or subject in an experiment against which the results are compared where the primary variable is low or non-existent.
  3. The method and means of governing the performance of any apparatus, machine or system, such as a lever, handle or button.
  4. Restraint or ability to contain one's movements or emotions, or self-control.
  5. A security mechanism, policy, or procedure that can counter system attack, reduce risks, and resolve vulnerabilities; a safeguard or countermeasure.
  6. A means of monitoring for, and triggering intervention in, activities that are not going according to plan.
  7. A duplicate book, register, or account, kept to correct or check another account or register.
  8. An interface element that a computer user interacts with, such as a window or a text box.


  1. To exercise influence over, to suggest or dictate the behavior of, oversit.

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