A college is an educational institution or a constituent part of one. Usage of the word college varies in English-speaking nations. A college may be a degree-awarding tertiary educational institution, a part of a collegiate university, or an institution offering vocational education.

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  1. A corporate group; a group of colleagues.
  2. A group sharing common purposes or goals.
    College of Cardinals, College of Surgeons
  3. An electoral college.
  4. An academic institution.
  5. An institution of higher education.
  6. An institution of higher education teaching undergraduates.
  7. Attendance at an institution of higher education.
    These should be his college years, but he joined the Army.
  8. A postsecondary institution that does not award bachelor's degrees, instead offering vocational training and/or associate's degrees.
  9. A non-specialized, semi-autonomous division of a university, with its own faculty, departments, library, etc.
    Pembroke College, Cambridge; Balliol College, Oxford; University College, London
  10. A specialized division of a university.
    College of Engineering
  11. A secondary school.
    Eton College
  12. An institution of further education at an intermediate level (in the UK, typically teaching those aged 16 to 19); sixth form.
  13. A high school or secondary school.
  14. An institution for adult education at a basic or intermediate level (teaching those of any age).
  15. A residential hall associated with a university, which may be independent or have its own tutors but is not involved in teaching.

The above text is a snippet from Wiktionary: college
and as such is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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