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Final Four game, e.g. Mom-and-pop business
Precursor to web forums "So far, no"
Duck's dwelling Of the middle eye layer
Short-legged hopper NBA's __ Conference
Many a goodie, they say Polo course?
Fighter's fake Topping for chicken enchiladas
These, in Mexico Behaves badly
Man who had all the answers? Big name in tennis balls
Start celebrating Rock genre
Dessert cart display Poaching targets
Popular long shot Winner's hand gesture
Fiber for hose Webcam app
Skillfully done Tempestuous
The lake in "lake effect" snow Precious red stone
Thermostat setting Connect, in a way, with "in"
A quarter of vier Image in a religious painting
Sweet-smelling pouch One traveling on FOOT
Herb in curry Tartish brew
Lorna of Brit Lit Whip up a cake
L.G.B.T. symbol Skillfully avoid
Places to put coins Mont-Saint-Michel, e.g.
Immortal army leader Royal bestowal
Oklahoma's top crop Impressive supplies
Emotive speaker Cruise ship feature
Steamboat Springs alternative Some fort components
Half of a dinner pairing Kept safe
Slowly, musically Not a joke, say
"The Honeymooners" surname Pitchers that can't throw?
''More than likely . . .'' Break between workouts
Coastal fliers Device with FOOT markings
With no changes Heist figure
Shared with, for a while Words before dare or diet
Symbolic gestures Lovers' flowers, in Spain
Drinking noise "Hey, man!"
Do a garden chore Goal of some workouts
Is, in ancient Rome Wine barrel residue
Airer of Lakers games "There's another good point"
Walking route '60s TV kid
Need for a jailbreak Moms in a glade
Words often on a logo Poetry night?
FBI guy, e.g. Argentina's Juan or Eva
Credit union seizure Not treating nicely
Not as unruly "Let Me Ride" Grammy winner
Devastates ''Back to the Future'' teen
Fib tellers One who shows the way
One covering the bases Cleanup grp.
Enduring legends Place quickly, as a hat
Sensitive subject Not in debt
Planning, briefly Child, in Chile
A negative has a reverse one Many a Grisham hero
On a necklace, say Infant cry
Spiritedly, in music Accumulates, as snow
Expert, informally "Red Book" chairman
Became aware of, with "to" Showed the courage
Break time Ryan and Tatum of film
"It's just me" Tweaks text
Some baggage Retail disclaimer
Comedy genre, for short Muscle above an ab
Deborah of "Separate Tables" Slangy contraction
Half a game fish Onetime McCartney partner
Big name in windshield wipers Cobra variety
Title for Richard Starkey FOOT IDs in delivery rooms
Set aside FOOT soldier fellow
Ascribe to, as fault They hit the sauce a lot
At no time, in old times Dairy-based quaff
Winding-line dance Covered, as with armor
Cartoon explosion sound Anticipated
More jolly Beats at retail
Coronary chambers Common prescription item
Certain FOOT pedal Tough dude's self-assertion
MYOB word Fitness ratio: Abbr.
Summer cottage, perhaps Dirty Harry's employer: Abbr.
Univ. in Raleigh Annoying noise
Online notes Peloponnesian city-state
Herb of the parsley family "I believe," to a texter
Untidy types Largest South American bird
Was boastful Question that introduces doubt
"Return of the Jedi" beings Follower of high or dry
Would rather have Pioneering TV brand
Supercilious sort Time's Person of the Century
Like a senior year Walking routes
"Raspberry ___" (Prince hit) Name: Lat.
The Forum, today Pasteur's study
Prior conviction, e.g. ''Why not,'' in texts
Longhorn's gridiron rival Fillet, say
RSVP convenience Morally strict
Sin's counterpart Nautical alert
Cutter of cubes Programmer's problem, perhaps
One way to rest Santa Anita numbers
Facebook count Foot-leg joint
Draped garments One of Janet Jackson's sisters
Champagne spec Downy quilt
Like babies' legs, often Poet-singers