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Prepare to click on, perhaps St. ___ (Caribbean getaway)
Paper towel purchase Spanner of eleven time zones
Delaware's state bird White House's 132: Abbr.
Swing gently back and forth Person from Phuket or Bangkok
Lilliputian, to a little 'un Like some dogs in dog parks
Activist Yoko Mr. Peanut accessory
Vermont senator since 2007 "Rocky" theme song
Prima __ (diva) Signals for firefighters
Dogs that take YOU for a walk? Fighting Olympian
Is in possession of Builder's guideline, briefly
"Until next time" Colorful performer
Grassland runner Sun worshiper's mark
United States ___ Court Biting desert lizards
Brand in bedrooms Derbies and fezzes
"__ you alone?" Amazon Echo's voice assistant
Tiny bit of dust Package of yarn
People on KP "No food needed for me"
Shop cutter Superfan descriptor
Demonstrate elasticity Water-resistant cover
Smith reunion attendee “I’ll ___ it slide this time”
Roadway divider Big beverage server
Bus stop: Abbr. Guacamole go-with
Special interest group? Soccer legend Diego
In its current condition Spiny fish part
Bar mitzvah boy, e.g. He had pipes and horns
C.S. Lewis' fantasy world Cable box, for short
Stopped dreaming Symbol on Mossad's seal
Hwy. such as 66 Sport for equestrians
Stops from littering? Beer pong, e.g.
Squirrel's nut Firepit detritus
Get pleasure from Lather-filled
Workers in colonies Strip of ground cover
"Enter password," e.g. Slips with dollar figs.
Brought to the mechanic Mushy peas container
Spotify and Tinder for example Plane engine housing
A hiker might sit on one Emanuel of Democratic politics
Bloopers, typically Hosp. recovery area
Folklore lumberjack Bunyan Pub privy
Had a dull pain Spring festival
Tobacco in a box Exam for 11th-graders: Abbr.
De-sudsing washer cycle Deep female voice in a chorus
Travel plan Place to treat yourself
Gambling city on the Truckee Credit offer deet
"Once was enough" Half of a 1990s cartoon duo
Digital wallet choice Little lamb's mom
Water hazards Stock for Wile E. Coyote
Fried Spanish street food Residence in a row
Title for some wives White shirt woe
"Cowboy Man" singer Lyle 1968 to now, in tennis
"Aladdin" tiger Bob of stand-up
___ ball (complete miss) Bothersome one
Board with four vowels It makes a cook cry
Spanish-language cheer Stick for a walk
Fantasy meanie "Pea soup" weather
Towelette brand since 1958 Mountain revered in Japan
In very few words Was nearly empty
"Independence Day" craft Modern protest group
Scrabble 4-pointer Paris neighbor, on the Strip
Not-so-spicy dip Jedi master with pointy ears
Salade nicoise morsel 23andMe molecule
Spread, as an aroma Buddhist temple bell
Baked pasta dish Puffy natural hairdo
Hedge-trimming tool Squad car’s wailing sound
Comedy with good habits "Gangnam Style" musician
Actress Hayworth or Moreno Hoppy beer initials
Booted vehicle, perhaps Southpaw's counterpart
Watch via HBO Now, e.g. Forbidden action: Hyph.
___ on the Shelf "Chin up!"
One may wear a wire The ")" in :-)
Way cool Alternative to a float
Thorny rose part Word from a poser
Like sushi and chow mein Neanderthal
Ichthyological eggs George Clooney's wife
Propose (to) "Fifth taste" in MSG
Machine with a treadle I might stand for it
Dinner invitation excuse Cross-legged yoga pose
Is in charge Informal term for a brothel
Item in a hotel closet Church official
Approve officially Benchmark on a golf course
Fork spoon or knife

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