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Disneyland city Unsociably cross
Gym's floor pads "It's going to have to wait"
Apples that come in seven colors Tosses up, as an easy question
Bed in a nursery Raisins, sometimes, for a snowman
Thinking A ... but also thinking B? Gah! Bit of concert merch
Grand ___ (French wine designation) Collection for an afternoon party
Grand-scale tales Ancient readers of the Book of the Dead
"Titanic" award "Malo" opposite
Snowy season Unsure sounds
Unwelcome picnic visitors "Hey, caught ya!"
"Targeted" things on the internet Paleontologist's tool
Exuded, as charm "Like that's ever gonna happen!"
Window blind elements Poet/activist Lorde
Jerseys and Guernseys Resort spot off Cape Cod
"___ only" (store sign) Place to practice asanas
Thinking A ... no, B ... no, A New Mexico skiing destination
"Select" or "chosen" quantity Make into legislation
Airport served by BART, for short Musical symbol for silence
Baggins of Bag End "Indeed!," quaintly
A little emotional, say Otter or orangutan
Rainbow roll fish National Gallery of Art architect
Ridge about the eyes Fast, bygone jet, for short
Color chart element Basketball targets
Unwelcome picnic visitor On a stroll without shoes or socks
AnnaSophia of "Little Fires Everywhere" Big name in printers and copiers
Sedan, for instance Iconic logo in athletic apparel
Language spoken along the Mekong A man of ___ word
MLK Day's mo. Spot for icicles or icicle lights
Seat for a musician Subject of many June parades
"Oh, gotcha" House's cellar
Verb in cooking or sewing instructions Places for light bites
Have tired muscles Stallone commando character
Spots for polish Paid with currency
Cindy Clawford of "Ted Lasso," for one Device placed in a cooking roast beef
Nasty marketing battle Ox harness
Sunrise obscurer Ray who franchised McDonald's