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Soften in feeling "__ yours": "My gift"
Ocean feature Edison adversary
In a dishonorable manner Looney Tunes stinker
Respect, in current slang Does nothing
Innkeeper's inventory Is exhibited, as a film
Jamie Foxx's Oscar film Dig deeply for answers
B-school course Slice (off)
Precarious Unconventional architect
Predatory dolphins Brings upon oneself
Ore source Diet including wild fruit
Large liquid vessel All of the Seven Dwarfs
Quarters for students Cry in Cologne
Adjective for rapper Kim Hard to budge
Quebecer's water Kitty cats
Music and art genre Sleep study subject
Arms carriers? Decides to start using
Fine furs Grasp, as ice cubes
Nation known for its nutmeg The Bard's Trojan prince
Ineffective Cook Paula
Illumination measures Cake-finishing artist
Where golfers begin Passing out at the table?
'60s protest slogan Relinquished formally
Cooped-up critters Dasher's driver
Easy sequence? Fall into __ (get caught)
"Fixer Upper" network Designed for dune driving
Swimming pools Recital selections
Golf Channel analyst Wadkins Religious observances
Big hits Normandy port
Gossip collectors Seat of intuition, so to speak
Guys on a crew team Recital selection
Touch lightly Frequent savers
Told a joke Assist with the ropes
Immerses in liquid "Do __ you must"
Waited patiently Harbor view spot
Dean's list qualifier: Abbr. Hop-jump link
Imprecise quantity Blues musician's "harp"
Rich sponge cakes Wasn't accurate
Will with a way with words Cook less than needed
Mentions specifically Unstructured
Norwegian capital Fixed, as a boot
Starfleet's Jean-__ Picard MacArthur, to his friends
Europop's __ Base London football club
__ Geo: cable channel Ex of Donald

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