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Right next to each other Oil, coal or gas
Jack and Jill's bucket Golf target score
1980s maze runner with a red bow Expert in work/life balance
App for finding a main squeeze "Shaun of the Dead" actor Simon
Rental option on moving day Not fall behind
Puget Sound metropolis Plays the odds
1950s POTUS Bright store window light
Coal mine carrier Copter's spinning part
Extremely low-quality "South Park" kid in a green hat
Extremely brightly colored Relocation in an emergency, for short
Sex-determining heredity unit Baby chicks' sounds
Assent in Argenteuil Sportscaster's detailed commentary
Current __ (things in the news now) Strongly suggest
Koran student's faith Having a mustache and beard
Distress signal designed for Morse code Women, men and children
$ for dollars, for instance Being litigious
Struggle with "s" sounds when speaking Oozing result
Calls dibs on How a poem is read completely
"20/20" creator Roone Soft shoes without laces, for short
Lovingly cared for Declaration of innocence
Tags on T-shirts Company offering WWW access
1300, in military time Parsley or oregano
Ringing thing Casual top with a collar
Song in a Pride event set list Strangling serpent
Multicountry org. based in NYC Avoidances
Court with a round table Ferrets' white cousins
Holy text in Hebrew Superstar Dolly
Flouts a "No Smoking" sign, perhaps Cut in two
"I'm thinking, I'm thinking..." Just as ill-informed
Goal in the board game Sorry! Frank and sincere
Overact on a stage Word after eye, eaves or name
Big African beast not a rhino Knee bone
"I wish I could __ that!": "My eyes!" Influential teacher
Take a walk down memory __ Short-range basketball shot
Poem in tribute Bring up again, as a web page
Stalks of flowers In an easy way
Apple device (but not that Apple) Take an elevator to a higher floor
It may be gathered on a covert op Girl who meets the Cheshire Cat
Dined with undue enthusiasm