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Let have it good Shade of deep blue
Anthropologist Leakey "Very cute"
Par-three rarities Places to wear goggles
Classic toy with colored pegs Request for restatement
Cabin, cottage or castle LAX display
Bozos, north of the border Enters with care
Two-legged squealer Reunion attendee, informally
Dashboard device service Mission name in "The Martian"
Volleyball coup Garb for the masses?
San ___, city near Berkeley Bear partial to bamboo
Rather hard to notice A boatload of
Hammer handle material Change in Cuba
Cleans, in a way 4___ (permanently, to texters)
New England haddock Moved like a hockey puck
Crashes a party Coveted graduation gift
Letters near some UPCs Foot finisher
Sch. in Charlotte They're all relatives
"Jiminy cricket!" Betray astonishment
" ... you know the rest" Add to one's age
Arabian Peninsula person Places of worship
CDC headquarters city Pour to purify
Debut album for Dr. Dre Last night, vis-a-vis today
"Fuller House" actor Nuisances for neatniks
Bosendorfer products Captivates
__-century furniture Tea, in Mandarin
Almanac's historical listing Rooms filled with sweaters
Extremely important Some web-toed waders
Private, as some neighborhoods IdeaPad maker
On topic Creator of Bart and Homer
Served soup, say Ship-shaped
Startling sound Tartar sauce ingredient
Nikon setting Islamic jurisdiction
Hanes brand Crewmate of Worf and Crusher
Night owl, often Musical "repeat" mark
Apt rhyme for ''whacks'' Liquid-confiscating grp.
What the tired might take Uniform part, maybe
Helmet sticker Wise elder
Thought the worst of Causes for alarm?
Friendly greeting Soccer ejection indicator
Symbol of a British isle Sarcastic show of approval
Name similar to Hannah Ubernerd of '90s TV
Web-toed wader Points raised while eating
Henhouse, for instance Step, in Dieppe
Crash-proof party Like noble gases
Excitingly awesome, slangily Start-up money?
Hunger, in one sense Fade out
Chapman, __ Appleseed __ fraiche: dairy product
Maker of T-Bonz treats Things found on old desktops
Reminiscent of volcanoes Tech for surveyors
Dark red gemstone Art center of Spain
Sci-fi general Wintertime toy
They may pick up speed What Dali wasn't called
Pursued, as a tip Linus or Lucy, e.g.
Iberian capital, locally Pitcher Matt Harvey, e.g.
Concern for lefty writers Give much less than one's best
Something named for Victoria Suspects, informally
Dante's last name Check-in information
Well-polished Female markers
Rental garage array Some action cameras
Cut again, say