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Cross-referencing phrase Composer j.s.
Alligator milieux Annie, notably
Mediterranean strip Pbs funder
Roquefort hue Thatcher, for one
Trippet Probability
Peak for heidi Cretan who had the labyrinth built
Areas around altars Fence stakes
Mimicking bird Fat
Lands end rival Night game needs
Anchor terminus Tater
Seaweed derivative 1998 masters champ mark
Gallery hanging Miff
Carl gustav Falls for
Make hay Muslim worship leaders
In a shoddy way Actor cariou
Assesses Felt nostalgia
Dutch south african Long-finned tunas
Willowy One lacking manners
More pale Jazz pianist jamal
Vision related Manage somehow
Played banjo Useful thing
Tiny particle Sweet liqueurs
Decree Suffix with ransom
Blackout aids The present
Hawthorne's town Kidnaps
Hair balls Wife of jacob
Figured (out) Fourscore
Disguises Gremlins and pacers
Fastidious Urban maps
Tips, as a hat University founder stanford
Hair balls? Second notes
North african capital Latest fad
Digital transfer Relaxed condition
Hematite Like old streets
Regal emblem Sled dogs
Nash priest, not beast Silver bar
Subatomic particles Intimidate
Hardhearted French clerics
Very beginning Zip
Twin of artemis Gear part
Nerve network Wary
Philadelphia suburb London gallery
Flourished Blotto
Urges on Wits
Grant Urban transport
Jars Catch stealing
Asian range Apathy
Roman censor Benet and idle
Legal org. Rocky prominence
Petty objection Hawthorne’s town

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