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Flashing light on Broadway Freebie with some sandwiches
Limited choice They may be fine points
"Blazing Saddles" actor Wilder It contains wage info
Street in mysteries "Capisce?"
Your business is her business Change, as an online password
Panty hose problem Drilling grounds
Nook or cranny Bit of Christmas debris
The Lone ___ State (Texas) Considerable weight
Japan's largest city __ of (finished with)
Pinkish orange Brady and Hanks
Mission lead-in Snifter sniffer
Large African animal Finger adornment
Vegas illuminator Fodder for Forbes, initially
Customary behavior Like every other whole number
Entertainment show VIP Middle manager?
Tiny part of a molecule Line on "Hollywood Squares"
What fills a forest "Anaconda" singer Nicki
Busser's target Tampa Bay pro baseball player
Quantum particle Pfizer cholesterol medication
Diner slice Jeans line
Shaker fill, to chemists Elementary school award
Path through the heavens Commuter train stops
Place to apply rouge Common coffee-break time
Tree-toppling tool Google Play downloads
Spaghetti sauce Sell for a quick profit
"Safe travels!" Have ___ at the table
FedEx, say Letting in customers
Small caves Worker made of metal
Canadian pop singer Murray Men's suit accessories
Periodic table listing: Abbr. Meeker Massacre participant
Famed former First Lady Partner of pray
Comes to the rescue of Golden Globe winner McGregor
Tell, for one Martial art with swords
Fluid-filled sac Pasadena engineering school
Boarding house tenant Be looking for
Aid in illegality Maid __ of Sherwood Forest
Canceled because of a downpour Get weepy, with "up"
Whitish birthstone for October Soft drink in a burgundy can
Phone letters above 4 Opposite of seldom
Jelly made from meat stock Fat pig
Black quartz used in cameos Wilhelm in Cooperstown
Anabaptist descendants Curling target, informally
Less harsh Trees that sound like sheep
Satiric magazine since 1952 "Sooo cute!"
Oscar-winning actress Goldie Target on a lane
Foe for Legolas Life lines?
Peach dessert Camel's South American cousin
Dressed up fussily Type of TV screen: Abbr.
Parkinson's disease treatment Crust formed over a wound
Online content warning inits. Wrestling singlet material
Like most books

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