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La-Z-Boy alternative Incline (to)
Burrowing sea creature Northern Kentucky county
Bull pen locale (In) place (of)
Rose in the rock world People with decorating tips?
WWII side Tolstoy princess
Side of a window frame Doctor for Fido
Browning site Absence of effort
Throw out Dip, like a doughnut
Food and ___ Administration Really impress?
Goes outside the lines? Burst of speed
Sci-fi walkers Erin, on EU license plates
''__ candor . . .'' Marzipan staple
Got laughs, hopefully Moby Dick, e.g.
Reading problem Marco Polo greeter
__ top of the other Cover evenly
Wetlands regulator, for short Boastful sort
Tennis stroke Macaw morsel
Driving need? Dance without inhibition
Traveled in trunks, say Recipe directive
Combined, in Cannes Bug indicator
Capital NW of New Delhi Bleach target, at times
"___ true" Move to act
Gave addresses Judith with two Tonys
Stop working for good Lanternfish's place
Expression of patriotism Sniffer dog's discovery
Challenge for a housecleaner "Coming Home" singer Bridges
Lost all color in one's face Prepare for cooking, as sole
Steep rock face "My stars!"
Block in a barn Hummus maker's bit
Conservation group's symbol Sac-fly result, often
___ George H. W. Bush Triple ____ (type of liqueur)
Prickly desert plants Incessant struggles
Rip out stitchwork in One receiving top billing
Tab alternatives Seller of Malm beds
Disapproving remark Traffic control device
Gut-buster Test of one's backbone
Tropical sorbet flavor Establish through statute
Device used with a planchette Nancy Drew novel byline
Many an off-campus local Female variant of Cecil
Whack a mole? Through the roof
Lift-offering businesses Metal finish?
Comes (to) Practically begs to be hurt
Jag model Hybrid business entity: Abbr.
Hindu branch Full of fire
Some North Sea fishermen Like many beta programs
Protective ditches California congressman Darrell
Was rootless Ritual drink in Shintoism
Turns off One getting under your skin
Thin fabric Hospital vessel
Ancient Roman citizenry The Bronx Zoo has 265 of them
Hieroglyphics slitherer Take care of bills
Type of cat in "Cats" Bard's bustle
Chanel offering Do some dirty dancing
Natural soothing balm Source of fizz
Disapproving remarks Online handicraft marketplace
Modern electric car company Puget Sound swimmer
Color of most fire hydrants Former NBA star Shaquille
Giant in chemicals Ben Hogan contemporary
Alternative for beef avoiders Ergonomic utensil brand
Cuba neighbor Quasimodo's home
Money minder at sea Sounds from a leaky faucet
Shower with attention Hoops infraction
Undeveloped flower Board supplier
Spun platters for pay Pieces with slants
Clip art? Better with trickery
Unrestrained outing Knicks star, familiarly
Large beer container Roundup circle
How some cheese is served Time server, usually
At an angle Sherwood Forest trees
Hang (on) Wigged out
'60s Batgirl portrayer Craig Blues group, in brief
Edition of a magazine Sleek and chic
Request for a hand ''Jaws'' theme instrument
It grows in the dark Like walk-off touchdowns
Proved sound One of a hitched pair
Completely wiped out Uncivilized sort
Second fiddle Celestial explosion
Person holding a party ''Spider!''
Windows-opening machines "You're cramping my ____"
Star turn at the Met Doubting Thomases
Men's fashion shortcut Gardner's "Lone Star" co-star
Diamond delivery ErtE's work
Point Pelee's lake

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