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Prima donnas' deliveries Christmas strands
What screen icons exude It begins in April
In an imposing manner Titles of respect
Future sound? Masters strokes
Jamie Lee Curtis or Fay Wray Poetic measure
"Far from Heaven" actor Interpreter of signs
Sch. with a Harrisburg campus Poker pile
Seat at Churchill Downs __ seeds: omega-3 source
West Coast NFLers, for short Yahoo! Finance offering
Minor controversy Prepared for a selfie
Guys in barbershop quartets Bornean ape
Legend in one's own mind What some wallow in
Lidocaine brand ''Save the date'' happening
Response at the door Squat beneficiary
Five-__ (weather.com feature) Happy hour offerings
Quaint light Clyde cap
Houston or Honolulu Bereft of tread
Schnauzer's sniffer Key to the right of ess
Remains in neutral Pause for a pianist
Bonding agents Historic Tuscan city
Pen-and-ink drawings Five-__ (gridiron punishment)
Pool-heating option Inscribed tablet
Ticket for speeding, say Traveler's course
Five-__ (bluegrass instrument) "Lolita" (1962) actress
Review using stars Bing result
Nonsensical talk Punk rock icon Smith
Tries to trim down Hosp. employees
Test for trivia fans Lizard with a "third eye"
Turnpike expense Great weight to bear
Pennysaver revenue source Handheld hackers
Went for a bite? Mall handouts
Decline gradually Golf phenom Jordan
Five-__ (MacArthur, e.g.) Pulitzer novelist James
Wikipedia entries Pancake shape
California prison town Snug spots
Brewery receptacles "Today" weather anchor
Word on all nickels Checkout counter display
Some studios Playpen assemblage
Being in debt Pair to press
Mark Cuban's NBA team Tin mints
Fleet of foot Diplomatic official
"Not gonna happen, lassie" Brat's output
USMA stat Seuss' green stuff
Activity-tracking letters Is concerned about
Budget choice Dramatic excerpt
Braid of hair Topps figure
Dana of "Body of Proof" Summer in Provence
Mil. roadside danger Whitman of verse
Granite excavation site Five-__ (major blaze)
Gadget for making hash browns Five__ (poll analysis website)
Pielike veggie dish Where to see slanted columns
"Right on!" Five __ (local broadcast)
Five __ (carol collection) Give up the single life

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