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Hawthorne house feature Jose's half-dozen
With a single flat, musically Energetic one
Barbecue supply Texter's "Just a thought ... "
Dreamed (up) Some sandwiches' exteriors
Eighth of a cup Some US missiles
Enter noisily Dallas locale
Removed expeditiously Candy aisle choice
Measure in Ohm's law Many a Muslim
Plate for the Eucharist Cap'n's aide
Rather heavy British coin Office holders?
AIRY DRAGON (debuted 1890) Barmaid on 'Cheers'
Room at the Louvre Ear-relevant prefix
Singer King of 'Tapestry' Progressive alternative
Bowling center assignments Discontinued Toyota line
Narrowly bests FWIW part
Rudimentary Made on a wheel
Latino lover's sentiment Seasonally dry ravines
'Man' or '12' lead-in Karate offshoot
Grow pale Rodeo goad
Word in a Marines slogan Completely convinced about
Worn things Ore- ___ (food brand)
Prefix with -partite Bundy and Unser
Something "kicked up" Biblical excerpts
They're often about nothing Less than reputable
Katahdin is its highest peak One-episode series star
Artists' wear Port near Seattle
Paula once on CNN Slangy sib
Toss in a chip to play poker Military setting
Wooden prop for a painting Fashion trends
Register a preference Special Agent Gibbs's beat
Calvin of golf Ancient region of Asia Minor
London's "Ye Olde Mitre," e.g. Measure, as a runner
Weightlifter's sound Tired (out)
Phrase after 'cafE' Doesn't give up
Broadway restaurant founder Many a techie
TROPHY RATER (debuted 1997) Soup selection
ICU sights Site-seeing?
Head bands? One-to-one conversation
Comic actress Wiig Back biter, maybe
Sleep-inducing drug Having sorer muscles
Kim of 'Pal Joey' Kid in a '60s sitcom
FLAGSHIP EGO (debuted 1873) Improve, in some cases
Alcohol in liquor Truncated wds.
Horrible thing 'I Go ___' (Peter Allen song)
Spots to perch Wonderland pastries
Maker of the Clic lighter FLORAL NEWS (debuted 1904)
Nearly here Love, to Gigi
Space saver in a taxi or bus J.Crew competitor
Iconic suburban symbol Ink-filled writing implement
Pooh, to Roo Kid-to-kid retort
Sam seen in bars Cries after futbol goals
Sister of Erato Sharpened, as skills
Tampico trio Name of five Norse kings
Features of gymnasts' horses Flower arrangement
South American soccer cheer They buy and sell
Marathon practice run Primer layer
Adds to the pool Middle of the third century
Thunderstorm sounds '___ is it?'
Black waterbirds Call wrongly
"The Great British Baking ___" Ned who manages the Royals
Cub great Sandberg Get riper
Baseball card letters Word of origin
Assist with the dishes Tam or fez
K-12, in brief Self-titled 1974 pop album
"Gone Girl" actress Ward Cavalry ride
Fasten with a click Like people from Des Moines
Tight-lipped Word with link or letter
Wet outside Puck's Beverly Hills eatery
Activity in a dohyo Open up a ___ of worms
Word heard in Bedrock ''Brady Bunch'' trio
Head of a college department Haunted house sounds
CIA headquarters Sorcerer's activity
Gerbil holder Treated with calcium compounds
Kind of violet "Beauty and ____ Beast"
Heads for a bar? Travelocity enticement
Buffet centerpiece? Big-top cries
Graphic start It means ''billion''
Freudian conscience Tries to mediate
Far East temple Metallic marble
Nessie's waters They can throw you off
Casino draw Slender, finless fish
Rip out St. Peter's Basilica sight
Alien of TV Longship crew
Blanc of cartoon fame Big-eyed baby bird
'It's ___' (delivery cry) Sinatra, for one
Scale starting words Gorsuch replaced him
Post-office stamp Tiny wounds
Guy designing billboards Little oinker
Microsoft ad campaign A-list celebrities: Abbr.
___ and abet (help a criminal) Sale indicator
GOODLY HEART (debuted 1900) Gifford's successor on TV
DOS part: Abbr. Treacherous type
Strict Sabbath observer of old Pasta picks
Sprinkle, say Awkward TV silence
Trims a lawn Scuba divers' bash
In the leading role Sitcom pioneer, familiarly
PSYCHE BARK (debuted 1847) TURTLE BERTH (debuted 1936)
Knighted McKellen Make, as butter
How slimy stuff seeps Steady leadership
Bris official More woolly
Covert complication Half a track?
ABOVE MY ARM (debuted 1856) First daughter of the 1960s
Where I-15 meets I-70 Spike for Hillary
Brief excerpt Defensive ditches
Kind of chance Very wise
Name on ''Speed'' posters American soccer great
Did a few laps REAL ANCHORS (debuted 1933)
Certain long-term investments Mask wearers
Checks with the office Stooge of TV
Prefix with law or chic Player in a loft
They catch a lot of shrimp Attachment letters
Like some focus groups Cold War initials
MOPY PARSNIP (debuted 1934) Icelanders' ancestors
Elegant trimmings

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