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Its homepage is on Moscow time Penetration agent
Early announcement of a sort "Forget I said anything"
Percussive guitar technique Around the knee
How cherries jubilee is served Cover guy on NBA Live 96
Thematic signature Peruse, as a catalog
Sitting Bull's people 11, at times: Abbr.
Nine Inch Nails founder Trent '90s loser to Deep Blue
Material for Toastmasters Strike a chord
''Flat-out fun'' product With a fighting chance
10-Grammy singer/guitarist Article I subj.
Cult stars Knight aide
Most of a pool cue Many a Mozart melody
Alito and Thomas Picked dos
''Center'' starter Rattlebrained
White belts, in judo Familiar area
Augustan Age author Bottle that sounds bad
Finicky type ''Neapolitan Novels'' author
Party-supply store stock ''It's been too long''
Articulo espanol Exhibition with blades
Trash talk Internetworked
Scouting ops Stuff in some stuffing
Strewn with, as on landscapes Seasonal coffee flavoring
W-9 filers Beat (out)
King Features Syndicate parent Neapolitan alternative
Kan. Army installation Supplement (with)
Span a gap in material Jacket material
Strands at a lab ''Rocky IV'' antagonist
Wore with jaunty confidence Southwest floral crystal
Welsh herder ''Toy Story'' dachshund
Cheap opening Stallone roles, e.g.
From that angle Assists, for instance
All its students are in ROTC German royal house, 1714-1901
Strongly suggest Forest digs
Sharp weapons Make a rural delivery
Certain vegan Tracers and trackers
__ sale Panasonic flat-screen
Pettifogger's points Very close ones, for short
Forensics ridge Verbal attitude
Turn off and then some Shout on arrival

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