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Releases, in melodramas Occurrences in the 30s, say
Flight attendant Acquire, as awards
Two-sided store section Country music superstar
Key above F "Isn't that something!"
''__ you!'' (''Make my day!'') "Not so fast!"
Freedom Caucus, e.g. Inspire with foolish passion
Beverage from a spring Part of BC: Abbr.
Trade jabs (with) L. Mead locale
One in line? Seized auto, e.g.
Anglican priest Song's broadcast exposure
Peak seen from Grindelwald Kiss noise
Outdoor blackboard info Year-end temp job
Ray of ___ NHL's Toronto Maple ___
Oil company, often Dodge, as the draft
Movie trailers, basically Arctic food fish
Equine critter Inch or mile
Act stealthily Breaks the rules
Tiny headphone Shade close to aqua
Chow mein additive, for short Fido's prize
Annual Vietnamese celebration Extremely, informally
''Invisible Man'' author Cuba or Catalina: Abbr.
___ one (zip) Yogurt topping
"Ciao!": Hyph. Brutish sort
Shuts up, with "down" Power connections
Cry uncle ''Da Vinci Code'' director
Rice-sized pasta Get-well process
Stuffy room Big name in credit cards
Name on a blimp Muffin flavor
___ Nast (magazine publisher) Bluish shades
Bulldog of the comics Sent a note via computer
Replay mode, briefly Hatchet man's roster
Jan. inits. Country singer ___ Shelton
Jefferson, theologically Rained pellets of ice
Ibis' homes __-Caps (cinema candy)
Monastic titles Hi-speed Internet service
Native resident Didn't get a say
State representatives? Ending for count
Be ___ use Exams for would-be drs.
Plot twist Extents of estates
Brit's 26th letter Last word of Joyce's "Ulysses"
Solitudinarians Wonderland croquet ball
Move to a new post Combustion
Five Pillars of Islam, e.g. "That being the case ... "
Setting for a fine meal Actress Innes
Mass recitation Name on 2016 bumper stickers
Keeps hold of High-IQ organization
Vocalist Paula Instrument with a flared bell
General of culinary fame Webster, notably
Little tyke Refer to, as a source
Get well Do injury to
''The Martian'' agency Olympian forger
Close buds Japanese comic style
Is aptly sized ___ diet (trendy regimen)
Bank insurance? Starfleet VIP
Portion of a penny Garden flowers, informally
Riddle's answer Extremely loud, in music
Figure skater Johnny Animal pen
James of 'Slither' Iffy issue
Thing pulled by a milker Good score in diving
Gas brand up north Hydrogen/nitrogen compound
Probe org. Slip in a book
Suffix with sheep or hawk Pied-__ (second home)
No fun, as a party Fixture on a fishing dock
Socratic 'T' Marsh fuel
Bandit chaser of film Biscotti tidbit
Mexican saloons Request for repetition
Private nonprofits: Abbr. ___ Reports
Players for runners Unseen trail
Christians of Egypt Barn area
Little mountain lake Zooey's role in "New Girl"
Word before show or sheet April Fool's Day trick
300+-lb. NBA great Two-part state
"Dallas" actress ___ J. Wilson Iraq invasion commander
Ancient kilt-wearing ruler Beach letters
In a precipitous fashion Prefix with flooey
Sweet Japanese glaze Future sign
Sends an online text, briefly ''Der, auf Englisch''
Sussex scoundrel Part of the earth
Optional SAT part New York Yankees great
Caribou, e.g. Keeps from spreading
Set oneself right, in a way Sailboat rigging supporters
Brief bios Crunchy, in brand names
Like dangerous winter roads Arctic young 'un
Don't go to How some ales are served
Part of a cast '___ a loss for words'
Diva's gig Clog, for one
Cloth used to prevent talking __ box
Not just happen once Mermaids' home in Neverland
Something thrown in anger Hollywood job title
Copyists of yore Gives the once-over
Blood relative? Winter celebration abroad
Be jocular Home to the NBA's Jazz
__ Age Fanzines, say
Robin Hood foe Do the backstroke or butterfly
Illustrator software maker Italian relatives
''Work __ for yourself'' Square dance figure
Numero avant six Have ___ on one's plate
One awarding stars, perhaps Logically sound
"____ disturbing you?" Takeoff figs.
Bouncing babies? Ottawa natives
Got hold of H.S. big shots
Ride and Field Enjoying an African trek
Greater N.Y. school Bobbin stuff
The 'H' or 'O' of H2O Casino call
Sport- ___ (vehicle) Leaders of patriarchies
Prefix with carbon Close again, as a purse
Evade slyly Escalator alternative
Lung-filling stuff Listless feelings
"Family Matters" ubernerd Kellerman of whodunits
Summer piazza treat Natural history museum sights
Hermione in the Potter films Study of cities

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