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Prefix with bot Move like gelatin
"Red" hindrance Provisional release
Makes oneself scarce Stereotypical spoiler
Weather report adverb Present preceder?
De-stubble-ize Cut some blades
One may stop traffic One-party Asian republic
Dangerous deception Imbibing no more
Paid preparer, perhaps Olympics symbol
Texas I-35 city Square __
Parts of an old item? __ result (consequently)
Fledgling's sound It grows toward evening
Hard to hoist Tubular instruments
How seafood is shipped Nut-brown beverage
''Tosca'' trio Noun half?
Temporary stage Peeved moods
Just couldn't take Female moose
Third follower "Tomb Raider" heroine Lara
Magic show effect MLB stats
Lacking experience Sports runner
Turner of music __ half bad
"The Deer Hunter" ordeal North Atlantic region
Identify the source of Pop quiz reaction, perhaps
Text digitization meth. Tropical quencher
Poetic pugilist Planner's specialty
''That was silly of me!'' Varnish, for instance
Plants with stickers Geneva-based commerce gp.
Certs alternative "Get Smart" crime org.
Big name in graphics software org preceder
Outrageous Like long shots

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