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Name on Hydrationist bottles Not bothered by conscience
Most likely to crumble Conglomeration
TV quiz contestants, often Become involved with
Look pleased Six-winged angels, in Isaiah
Seriously mired Tire rim fastener
Cuatro doblado "Rigoletto" composer Verdi
Rule breaker 86 and 99
Subterranean resource SUV ancestor
"In my view ... " Macho militant of movies
In bundles, in some lofts Formal ball wear
Render inconceivable? From the mouth of
Sam Snead contemporary Outset, so to speak
Semisweet American white wine G, in C major
Order of silence Easy to endure
Gel descriptor I Ching adherent, perhaps
T. rex et al. Arabic "son of"
Word with cake or flake "By that reasoning ... "
Deadline preceder Draft letters
Poetic lament Stumble on
Julius Caesar foe Villain's welcome
Hogwarts mail carrier Nasal grunt
Messy locks How a rumor may be heard
Condescension Humanities subj.
Pop art interjection Cornfield array
Cool again Lasted longer than
Strip under a boot Aspirational slogan
Purported passion promoter ''Portlandia'' airer
Former Dallas daily Sarah Palin, e.g., briefly
Hamlet's first choice Robotic drama
Noteworthy years Least tentative
River of Champagne Tolkien language
Metaphor for career progress Wildcat's strike
Highway reading Any of the Ninja Turtles, e.g.
Doctrinal faction Snooze-inducing
Upturned, as cartons Prof's graders, perhaps
Time Warner spinoff of 2009 Hoover Building agency
Sound from a fan Shortened, shortened
Diverts agreeably Prescribed meds
Dostoyevsky contemporary '80s Israeli president

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