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Unlikely juggler Chess player's warning
Belted weapons Beyond rotund
Retired jets, for short Lang who directed "Metropolis"
Does the crawl or butterfly Singer/songwriter Wainwright
Go by air Beach shoes
Fan noise Say "Ple-e-ease ...," say
Snobbish sort Section of a book
Bleach target Played some b-ball
Grammar sch. basics Moneyed campaign orgs.
Utter coward Neaten, with "up"
Poet __-tzu "Keep still!"
Nuclear treaty provision Shudder-inducing feeling
Org. with Raiders and Vikings Shirk work
Deceptive tactics Sudden changes in disposition
TiVo machine: Abbr. One who may be a lifesaver
Agency under FDR Chance for getting a hit
Equitable transaction Award for seagoing heroes
Peter, Paul & Mary, e.g. Paper crease
Lowly soldiers Rapper's jewelry
Grain-harvest debris Somewhat surprised greeting
Seaside home selling point Easy thing to do
Sudden floods __ of Avon (Shakespeare)
Car club freebie In a hurry
Wordless okays Here, in Arles
Person with lines Word after screen or scratch
Shows some backbone Wrinkled tangelo
Strummer's plastic implement Not yet posted, on a sked
Winter or spring Kitchen bulbs
The South, informally Traveler's purchase: Abbr.
Released, as from jail Close, as a community
Plow-pulling animals School evacuation practice
Round in a pistol Inhalations
Playing with matches, e.g. Make a sibilant sound
Sudden obstacle Mom's mom's nickname