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Candidate for a cameo Hookups on "House"
Done laps, perhaps With composure
Bit of honey Perilous situation
Indicator of a private thought Do-it-yourself wheels
Subdue, with ''down'' Test on the air
Four-time Depp role Golfer's error
Less unsavory Manifestos, for instance
End of the Hebrew alphabet Curmudgeon's lack
What was often below SSTs What Brits call Action Men
ID with a photo 24-book classic
Prognostication proclamation Work up
Used in an undignified way What a troll may perpetuate
Malfunctioning Prawn feature
Music genre for Miriam Makeba Spot checker
Organizer's milieu Alternative to Flix
Riddick portrayer Be what one isn't
Shade for Shelley Plane lane
Many Beliebers Recover after being wrecked
Shown as it happens Rustic wine vessels
Picks nits Questionnaire stats
Bulb with bromine, for short Foreign aide
Postnuptial adoption, at times Capital of South Africa
December dieter's no-no Holders of thoughts?
First division, maybe Biggest rival of US Foods
Used a shoehorn on Measure (up)
Wedding planner's nightmare Unscrupulous
Little rows Year-end tradition since 1966
Certain bovine Press target, informally
Maker of toy pulleys Be in shock from a sock
Cation's opposite Cesar subject
Rank and file Make a measure of
Informal talk Morse "H" quartet
Something to carve out Sisyphus' stone, e.g.
Maker of TBONZ treats Out-of-the-ordinary objects
Girl in ''Star Trek: Voyager'' Strauss' Wilde inspiration
Pop singer Goulding iPhone movie purchase
Some RPI grads Kung ___ beef
Varied within limits 2002 NFL newcomer
Some farmer's market shoppers Country club elevator
Shift specification: Abbr. Put forth vigorously
Power of two Group on the campaign trail
W.W. II landing site in Italy Move like a mastodon
They may be thin Even slightly
19th-century dancer Lola Bass brass
Arc seen in fountains Guttural utterance
Supporting strip Is a kiss-up
Ostentatious show Hurricane peril
Like venison Minor matches
Changing places Musical instruction
Some small tablets Icon of frontier justice
__ house Longtime hair lightener brand
Emulate rats Princess and angel, e.g.
Some temple figures Pained reactions
Game giveaway Insouciant
Puts into groups Pro tennis, since 1968
Small bulb Pleasant gentle inflections
''Correct!'' Pitching pro
What's in some L.L. Bean boots Friend to FranAoise
Things that one is good at Pub orders
Garb named for an island Test of will
Water park attraction Excerpting allower
Sign needing interpreting Fitting place for sneaks
Parental encouragement Trattoria offerings
Stirred things up Hindu embodiment of virtue
Disastrous Prompter's spur

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