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Reading for a king's herald Lots of sparkle
Archaeology find Miss, as an intended target
Czolgosz who shot McKinley G.M. and G.E.
Finger jabs Bit of fishing tackle
Got a break Vine, to Hollywood Boulevard
Start, as a new hobby Selfie, in a sense
"I'm not kidding!" Gym gear
Old tobacco choice Over and over
Winter chill Ones who no longer have class?
Homecoming returnees JP half
Subj. with Riemann sums Airport summons
Outdo in performance Mixed-breed pups
Factors in wine competitions "__ So Vain": Carly Simon hit
Leaks out slowly 007 film of 1981
Post-workout relaxation spot __ roll
GP read Shoots up
Sci-fi regular Use one's reflexes
What's always in poetry? Blyth or Sothern
' Little Teapot' Bright, as a smile
Sound like a fan Garden path piece
Snoop's former "surname" Like strikers, sometimes
Collars cover them Rug measurement
After-school mall frequenter Basketball legend Maravich
Less common Model of chivalry
One with a mister in Munster JetBlue fleet
Yemen port city Teeming (with)
Court ring Spiny critter
Brand of pens Chinese side dish
Sinatra's "The Lady Is a __" Bare-chested sport
Strong punch Sets of principles
Target of trimming Largest airline of Spain
Qt. parts Eyepiece piece
Vegan-friendly protein source Ref's decision
Org. with the Precheck program Image in Tiananmen Square
Ceramic-ware material Italian wine region
And more of the same: Abbr. Some carnival rides
Baba Gymnast's stickum
Pack ___ -- (quit) "The Mikado" maiden
Acts sulky Dutch Caribbean isle
Pantheon led by Odin Anchor's place
Summon, with "for" Tortilla snacks
Caspian Sea sturgeon Something optional
Mall-crawl La senorita
Smashes to smithereens French for "grape"
Big name in India's history Touchy issue
Words to a baby "Go for the Goal" author Hamm
It may be dangerous Another time, in "Li'l Abner"
Fjord explorers? Board-game component, perhaps
Evans or Hunt Traveler ___ Polo
Enthusiastic Make ___ -- for it
Body in a bed Tyrolean peak
Decides on Roughly 2.2 pounds, briefly
Hard-to-explain feeling Kind of eclipse
Pet-collar attachments Vote on Scottish independence
Actor Gerard of "Buck Rogers" Cable installer, at times
Wouldn't hurt ___ -- Oyster relative