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Wedding VIP Dress to the nines
Smartphone capability "u r KIDDING!"
Wynken, Blynken and Nod, e.g. Muppet monkey Minella
Doesn't tread lightly "I got a C"
Ground-breaking implement Is like
Annual awards in animation North of Nogales
Loch monster moniker The date 6/6/44
Big name in western fiction Unlike much Schoenberg music
Cave opening? Sports bar fixture
Clicked-open greetings Immodest claim
Ore- ___ (maker of Zesties!) Actress Danner
Neighbor of a delt Tax-taking org.
Sound made by a sock Capital east of Gallup
"We did the right thing" Food poisoning cause
Orbit, e.g. Part of some hammers
Tries to buy, on eBay Poke fun at
Smooths, as shirts Prohibition specifics
Animated characters Legendary wailers
Bad flareup? Without reading music
Condensed, condensed Part of the food pyramid
Fanta, e.g. Texting shrug
Salamanca snacks Cal. units
Crooner Jones Kevin of "House of Cards"
Turned-off sound L.A. hazes
Macduff, e.g. Shopping club
Leaves painfully God that's part goat
Swiss Roll look-alike Battleground of 1918
French for "under" Movie that opened on 3/2/1965
Setup on eHarmony Many stage mutterings
Old toy company Sounded like a sheep
West African tree Traveled by bus, e.g.
Krud Kutter competitor Site of Spaceship Earth
''It follows that . . .'' Asia's largest island
Little houses on the prairie LSAT cousin
Searches thoroughly Big export of Myanmar
Ring bearer, often Pub. concern
Kind of cabbage Head-turner of a sort
Battery composition Grade school exhibits
Prefix with city or centennial Riddle's answer
Green 2001 title hero Diesel coat?
End of a series, briefly Worked (up)
Bach choral works Earthen pot for liquids
Wool fabric 16th-century date
Goldwyn or Mayer, e.g. Flier with elaborate songs
1958 space monkey Free gradually
Oft-swiped item Weatherproofing application
"Who __": 2001 #1 country hit Ian who played Bilbo Baggins
Increasingly rare screens Causes of unusual weather
Mountaineering map, briefly Rises slowly
Counter convincingly It reveals character flaws
"Conversely ...," online Frodo's forest friends
Places to dock Vatican site
Clear of frost Maker of Dreamcast games
Price __ StubHub offerings
Potential date spoiler Language of early inscriptions
"Let's Make a Deal" features Alexander Graham Bell, e.g.
Luggage checker, for short Quayle follower
2014 Yankee retiree Polynesian wedding ring
Offering-plate share Merman of 'Gypsy'
Target for an exterminator Nine-month pregnancy
It has a string attached "Bird-Wire" link
Bass __ (cello ancestor) Danish-born explorer
Big name in jammers Trawl, e.g.
Disavowals African cat
Escapes slowly Battery regulations, e.g.
Gangster-film characters Site of cataracts
Squirrels and gerbils 1961 Disney villainess
Dramatics and dance Prohibition notable
Official in a turban Narnia girl
FDR and JFK Sicilian border?
Like a fox Run up ___ (drink on credit)
Remove any trace of Chemistry lab droppers
Fang, for example Danish-born philosopher
Part of BSA: Abbr. Fish order
Tic __ Just-in-case items
'80s IBM models Sounded like the wind
Danish-born comic pianist Something a trypanophobe fears
Manhattanite, e.g., for short Perp's charge
Space __ Danish-born composer
Fallen suddenly Eye creepily
Complaints Peer group
Ketchup, e.g. Mules' sires
Whaler's spine One of Hitchcock's dozens
Pork product Where the Potemkin Steps are
Bar fight Do some roof work
Big mattress maker Aggravates
Pay homage, perhaps ___ neanderthalensis
Public back-and-forth of sorts July gem
In a foul mood 'A,' in Caen
Major blow Unsafe sun block?
Words after attorney or heir Hookup in bed?
Polar vehicle "___ tight"
Danish-born physicist/chemist Fair-haired folks
Lightly hammered? Moves very slowly
Wake ___ cold sweat TV talk host O'Donnell
Viola parts Gross __
Exeter exams Have the same gender, perhaps
Pho soup garnish River through Geneva
Picture with mutants, maybe Like royal flush drawers
Funny Sahl Crown since 1952
It might produce sound waves Waters off Fla.
First light Kitchen toppers
Two out of 11? The smallest in litters
Does a real number on, say Ersatz toga
Figure in a Sunni/Shia dispute Gray ones are debatable
Control on a wing What a sports star may sport
Danish-born author Picasso, by birth
Prescription, often "I survived boot camp!"
Triumphant sound Where won may be won
Halls option Like much of Logo's audience
Most popular decade? Binding material
2011 Marvel film Positive responses
Tunesmith Harold Calls on
'Later, JosE' Sandbox rebuttal
Formula One driver ___ Fabi Fringe on some foreheads
Market order Typical Tiger Beat readers
Vicious and others Polynesian apparel
Govt.-issued security Little way
They're made by the moonstruck Good wood for fence posts
Maximally muscular Big name in stunt jumping
"Heart, liver, kidneys, ... " Buttermilk, for example
Stall in a mall Often-edible container
Newbies, so to speak Diez squared
Crime boss John World's tallest trees
High-end hotel chain Dental diagnostic
Puts on the burner again Arrivals at home?
Apartment-listing listing Bases for deviation
Die marks Sigh, for instance
"Ready __ ... " Alexander alternative
Either end of ''groundhog'' Like topaz vis-a-vis quartz
Obstacle to progress Like red soil
Video game accumulation Superdietary, informally
Notion, to Fifi Danish-born golf pro
Brought to utter ruin