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Earthworm Seafarer
Generally unstressed Drew up
Disgrace Niger neighbor
Supple Villian in our mutual friend
1925 bryan foe Moon of jupiter
Quaint lament Voice above alto
Cartoonist silverstein Cupid, to plato
Resinous deposit Rich tapestry
Irish form of mary Island birthplace of pythagoras
Declines Opera legend
Whine Basketball players
Grapes of wrath migrant Raid rival
Chaff White undercoat
Author of cosmos and comet Proust protagonist
Nautilus shape Shine brilliantly
Former renault Adlai's 1956 running mate
Went unused Of the ear
Perfumery oil Aerial mission
Large mass Voice above alto, for short
Phoenix suburb Former farm vehicle
Dashing smartness Brave
Expulsion Recognize
Predicament Russian epic hero
Prohibit legally Arms folded response
Villain in our mutual friend Halvah base
Japanese theater form Deep red
Stair post Actor diggs
Kit set Goof
Mysterious matters Summoned
School superintendent in hard times Crate
Cruel schoolmaster in nicholas nickleby Slowly
Arms-folded response Conductor ozawa
Enameled metal Ivanhoe author
Maine college city School matron in dombey and son
Debussy work Pal
Chinese evergreen Easy rhythm
Handel opera written in italian Barrister in pickwick papers
Astronomy muse Set of nine
Stiffly formal Word derived from a marquis
State as fact Merchandise
Layers Draw
Lighter in appearance Pinkberry competitor
Handel opera Stripling
Cruise purpose Oar fulcrum
Palette part Parts of the lungs
Look through Fearful
This way Cop
Copied Address for a countess
Cheesy dish Attracted
Dadaist collection Austen heroine

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