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Very deeply, as a cut Ardently want
Blow the joint Dance records, for short
Hear again in court Symbol of balance
"Just an update" letters Not just hot
Pasta or potato, e.g. Regina's locale: Abbr.
Mark up or down, say Sites for kites
Admiral's warships K-12, to textbook publishers
Bookkeeper (Abbr.) 'Game of ___'
Blimp pilot Steamship
Overabundances Romantic visionary
Headed for the hammock What is cast, in a saying
Wildly dramatic "Make __": Picard catchphrase
Picnic worry Copy desk workers, e.g.: Abbr.
Wearing the crown Gunshot noise
Org. with Sharks and Predators Movie listing listings
Fireworks highlight Slightly moisten
Right-angled supports Old U.S./Soviet rivalry
Distressed Website help section
Parisian's ''yes'' Cashew, for instance
Hertz or Avis offering Volatile solvents
Some market fluctuations Kind of perception
Beet recipe Caller on a cell phone?
Pound, to Brits Place for a baseball insignia
Accumulation Modestly
Where monks dine Run amok in the mall
Whittling away Revise before printing
Profs.' typical degrees "The helpful place" sloganeer
Literature Nobelist Andre Spice organizer
Insert a leaf Ms. Streep
Proofreading mark NASA vehicle
Pt. of a sentence Fiber source in cereals
Flickering light of a sort More slippery
Health-care grps. Film director Joel ___
Behind, or hit from behind Golfer Sam___
Without any slack Belly dance "must"
Bireme movers Movie studio department
'___ Abbey' Wayne Manor resident
Unalterable, as rules When many take morning breaks
Piece of snail mail Many a circus employee
Throws in the towel Computer's password request
Italicized Guiding belief
"Kid-tested" cereal More than dinged
Big bundle Obama, for ex.
Singer___ Adams Weakened due to inactivity
Bring up again? To be, to Yves
Allows customers in Field with roots and logs
Calf-roping loop Turned green, say
Bethesda-based medical org. Ends, with "up"
Trusted to a third party Very high trumpet note