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Sets In harmony
Renaissance painter Moor
Attraction Ups nickname
Acropolis setting The witching hour author
Concert soloist Discreet attention getter
Intend Underdog victories
Sky pilot High spirited
Perfume compound Sung story
Humbled Circular
Soothed Jordan's capital
Lightweight shirts Engine booster
Put in the oven Guitar sound
Royal fur Sports surprise
Lacking the power Nasty
Goolagong rival Lincoln center?
Hitch Lahore language
Runtish Refrain start
Low on the mohs scale Some cats and rabbits
Fish magic artist Lean to one side
Priest's changing room La scala setting
Wife of menelaus Telling whoppers
Elephant ancestor Orange shade
High-spirited Pop's andy
Apertures Stalactite setting
Seize Bent out of shape
Station Gaucheness
Continental crust Stayed with the front runner
Symbol of losses Dead weight in a portfolio
Tea choice Hulk star
Italian seaport Futile
Raid Whimpered
Pierre's toast Split to join
Philanthropist yale Atahualpa subject
Old mideast org. Commend
Affect drastically Old salts
Lincoln center Wilson's successor
Professional cheater at cards Keystone
Cry like a mourner Scout's rider
Rude, in a way Frenzied revelry
Sufferer healed by jesus Shrewd
Priests changing room Less cramped
Caribbean islands Didn't yet
Sharing a common culture "the witching hour" author
Wee bit Original mouseketeer
Stop the launch Priest changing room
Walk slowly More than just passed
Forbidden Low-tech card file
Place for a candle "hulk" star
Monet contemporary Male red deer
Illiterate Shore up

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