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Save-the-date card follow-up Kin of divorces
Shade of many a lampshade Great Wall locale
Proscribes Them's fighting words
Champ's gesture Take a nap
Dining surface Business suit accessory
Castor bean, for one Music and dance, for two
"Now, just hold on" Kennel cacophony
Post-eruption phenomenon Beauty pageant adornments
Hot to trot, e.g. Arnaz of early sitcoms
Pronoun for a ship Like the name "Leningrad"
Exhale with relief Prepare greens
90-degree angle iron Part of NYC
Do witch's work Vowel fivesome
Was dizzy Help desk offering, briefly
Guy who writes slogans Fox and Rabbit of literature
How some pics are stored Judgments made on the fly
Witchy sort Phrase over a movie poster
Goal of exercise Foam on a beer
Subdivision (Abbr.) Have high ambitions
First sequel's sequel Money paid to make amends
Frontman for the Belmonts 1995 Reform Party founder
Like abysses Contents of an HP cartridge
Parentheses' kin Erstwhile calculator
Crashing waves "Then again," in texts
The "u" sound in "census" Toots one's own horn
Libyan port Holiday carol's "Good King"
Chile's mountain range Airport compliance org.
Aforementioned Turns off, as sound
Volkswagen family car Enthusiastic ''I do!''
Diploma holder, briefly Like much pub grub
Highway investigation site Size comparative, once
Clever laugh Little pup
Bank holdup Prison riot town

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