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Orange-fleshed vegetable "Are we there yet?" reply
"Hey, I understand it now!" Preceder of rate and time
Iron Man cocreator ___ Lee Base command
Fruity chip go-with Biting criticism
Opposite of ''Shoot away'' Engine with a lot of juice
Reaction from a tough crowd Producer of boxing rings
Dreaded figure? Poet with a 1909 Harvard BA
Scheduler, e.g. Knocked senseless
It might show the equator Sotomayor, in the '80s
Oddjob's weapon Sociology subdivisions
Arrive copiously Helper of Holmes
Hardboard brand Web extension
Target for driverless cars __ St. Louis
Some summer homes __ Lit (English class)
Rip ___ Winkle Shopper's money-saver
Cloud-atlas entries Symbol in a Tolkien alphabet
Contemporary "Be yourself" Set forth
Worshiper from India, often Archie Bunker sat in one
Camp classic Witty remark or joke
"Far less than that" Many motels, ostensibly
What small cranes may produce Share confidences with
Looped in, in a way Grain used to make whiskey
Office quantity Royal Albert Hall topper
Liquid diet component Oration location
They may leave prints Longhorns' rivals
Trackless trains Behold, of old
Works of a lifetime Thanksgiving cookie shapes
"__ e Leandro": Handel cantata Exodus pronoun
Monotonous Top-billing sharer
Remarkably rapid Cuisine favoring chilies
Carved gem Marshland waders
1978-1983 Judd Hirsch sitcom City in Central Macedonia
Rarely used backup Tenth month of the year: Abbr.
Robin on '60s TV Midnight, e.g.
Words of understanding Home to the Zapotec people
More affected, in a way Like some harassment
Down-to-earth sound Metaphors for uncertainties
More than familiar with Great spell
Library exchanges Catching flies, so to speak
Dropped jaws Shakespearean title word
"Look, amigo!" Saw what there was to see
Site of Napoleon's last exile Low voice for a female singer
Animal cam view, often Birth certificate information
'Something's Give' Terrier type
Army rescue team Section of goarmy.com
Determine in favor of Warm, inviting facial feature
Common beach policy Temp's field
Obscures, in a way Basketball was invented in one
''Doggone it!'' Kid's bedtime complaint
Sources of remote power French motto part
Weight unit for cargo ships Power eponym
Softest known mineral Software event
Prized game fish So, to Malraux
Hybrid hatchback Pac-Man maze marker
Much of pulp fiction Render ineffectual
Movie-archiving org. Even once
Brother to Remus Offers minimal help
Some breaks in the NFL action Class Notes subject
Balderdash Camera's diaphragm
Curry-house stack Popular playground pastime
Paunch, slangily Ocarina material
Looks down Seat sharer with Berlin
Goes wild Pencil part
Certain sales course Orbiting debris
Many florists' orchids Designations
Blocks, e.g. Josiah Wedgwood contemporary
''Planted'' player Bulbous perennial
Politician's accessory "Think Like a Man Too," e.g.
Hail Mary source It may be labeled "XXX"
Pacific demonstrations Dark personification
Prepare, as some Mexican food Farm cat
"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little ___"

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